Sims French Faire forms

14 terms By carolannz Teacher

GCSE French - Faire le ménage

20 terms By MissMBennett Teacher

French Faire expressions LHS

13 terms By MadameSmith_LHS Teacher

Smythe French FAIRE present tense

8 terms By lsmyth2 Teacher

Koss French Faire Expressions and Question Words

17 terms By fayekoss Teacher

French Faire Verb

9 terms By farshe

French Faire and Aller Conjugations and Expressions

21 terms By bluerosestain

French - Faire

13 terms By okirchner

French faire expressions

26 terms By Bmoreos

French Faire Verb

20 terms By Room206French Teacher

French Faire Test

14 terms By PhoenixGuy101

French FAIRE

9 terms By kellentucker1324

French-Faire Expressions

14 terms By caseywilliams13

French: Faire terms

35 terms By ssulit2016

French Faire & Avoir Phrases

50 terms By HedwigPigwidgeon

Chafyn French faire

9 terms By cnicklin Teacher

French "Faire"

31 terms By Sweniechong

French 'Faire' Verb

15 terms By SamLovesTheBacon

French Faire Part 1

15 terms By hannah_ochtera

French Faire Expressions

46 terms By Aaronarcade

French Faire Verbs

15 terms By ge1000183

French faire

39 terms By tania_koush

French: faire and avoir

42 terms By aimarie_asai

French Faire

43 terms By reagansa

Ravenswood Year 8 French faire

8 terms By robertwaynehead Teacher

French Faire

18 terms By Paramore04

French Faire Expressions

44 terms By aherkel

French Faire expressions

19 terms By mleneghan18

French Faire

25 terms By careystell

FRENCH: Faire Conjugation

18 terms By kylekaough

french faire and avoir

10 terms By chris_mahon

French Faire and er verbs

13 terms By 12kholmes

French faire verbs

15 terms By gracegirl127

French faire

12 terms By Chelsea_Ward97

Vocabulaire French Faire et Aller

35 terms By Rhin

French Faire

34 terms By Soniairvine

French: Faire de, Jouer a, jouer de

26 terms By cosmic_love14

ACPS French Faire

27 terms By niccalvey

French faire

15 terms By cbbutterfly

French- Faire and Jouer

19 terms By hlnsamuel

French: Faire

21 terms By reissr10222

French- fair le menage

41 terms By Dithya

French Fair/Avoir Verbs

31 terms By SecretlyATimeLord

French-Faire and Faire expressions

21 terms By weisbergc

French - Faire

5 terms By N8tehGr8

French: Faire, Aller, Venir

27 terms By riacalwhs

French Faire

45 terms By kgo2898

kem French faire present tense

8 terms By kmobberley

French Faire and Aller

20 terms By kapoishepoishe

French: faire de... en ville

32 terms By calliflower