French Foods

55 terms By davliv TEACHER

Additional French Food & Drinks Vocabulary

28 terms By musicianlyman TEACHER

French Food

21 terms By johndemler TEACHER

French Food

16 terms By MmeColacci TEACHER



French Foods For Politeness Activity

25 terms By eisrael TEACHER

Ward French food and ordering

49 terms By ruthwillisward TEACHER

Intro to French- Foods and Ordering

23 terms By mrddaniel TEACHER

French, Food and Silverware, April 17th

85 terms By apple-pinoe

French Foods

15 terms By philso TEACHER

French Foods

32 terms By jsaives13 TEACHER

8th Grade French Foods

67 terms By azilch TEACHER

French foods and drinks

20 terms By Ethan_Hendricks5

French - Food terms (la nourriture)

56 terms By ldicairano TEACHER

French Food

14 terms By quizletsupport

Year 8 French - Food

39 terms By kilvington TEACHER

French - foods

13 terms By bvanderpool TEACHER

French Food Unit 3-B

20 terms By clasergirl TEACHER

NCEA Level 1 French- Food / Shopping for food

93 terms By MsHemmings TEACHER

Y9 key vocabulary - French foods

40 terms By ichwillglauben

French Food French

103 terms By kbonfanti TEACHER

French Food (Easy level)

33 terms By MrsPokryfki TEACHER

French Food

8 terms By MmePetersen TEACHER

French Foods

73 terms By CandyCrop

French Foods For Politeness Activity

25 terms By Andria_Wiesner TEACHER

French Food 2

12 terms By johndemler TEACHER

Y9 - T2 - A table ! (French food)

19 terms By Saintsmalawi TEACHER

Duolingo French: Food

54 terms By Mrs-Walsh TEACHER

French Food

59 terms By keengli TEACHER

French Food Vocabulary Pt.2

36 terms By kristina_kelesis

French Food/Drink Vocabulary

29 terms By MrsPokryfki TEACHER

French Food French 2 Honors

98 terms By Daniel_Webber

French Foods!

41 terms By jenglasgow32

French Foods

136 terms By unbonmec1966 TEACHER

French Foods and Utensils

48 terms By MeganNicoleAndrews

French Foods

10 terms By pajcicwe01

French Foods

63 terms By jennifer_w_crespin TEACHER

French food and drinks

54 terms By kchapman752

Joe's French food

40 terms By lazowski TEACHER

11. French foods (con't)

47 terms By ccheatwd TEACHER


43 terms By cr69119 TEACHER

French Food

42 terms By jvuiller TEACHER

French Food

50 terms By gtodd-cecil TEACHER

French Food and Quantity

77 terms By MrsPokryfki TEACHER

French Food Vocab

119 terms By LilyHart

french food Ch 3

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French - food & drink - QEH

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French Food

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French Foods

32 terms By Jonathan_Kresha TEACHER

French Food Vocabulary Pt.3

27 terms By kristina_kelesis