French grammar - perfect tense être verbs

26 terms By jcritchley Teacher

AR PRETERIT - Regular Verb (meanings) 3rd year

97 terms By rebeccaon Teacher

U9 French Grammar - Present Participles

55 terms By abosch Teacher

Los Verbos Regulares ER e IR - 3rd year

40 terms By rebeccaon Teacher

3rd year verbs/3 年生のたんご

40 terms By Sachiko_Ogura-smith4 Teacher

3rd year 50+ Verb review

69 terms By Sachiko_Ogura-smith4 Teacher

French - Grammar - Verbs with de

21 terms By dboyd1 Teacher

3rd Year Verbs

22 terms By stkevins

French - Grammar - Verbs with à

20 terms By dboyd1 Teacher

AR preterit vocab - 3rd year

98 terms By rebeccaon Teacher

French Grammar Modal Verbs by Mrs C

48 terms By teachleprof Teacher

verb list 3rd. year

15 terms By Hans_Frey Teacher

French 're' verb endings RS

9 terms By Mr_Shuff Teacher

French Verbs for 3rd year exam

53 terms By Chubbawub101

Japanese Grammar 3rd year

46 terms By quizlette703318

French Grammar TOTAL GGG 2.0

125 terms By revision54


60 terms By orwellianworld

3rd year vocabulary, deponents

30 terms By Magistra_P

FSI French - Grammar Ch 27

124 terms By ayerscolleen

Phrasal Verbs 3rd Year

207 terms By AlineSteck

3rd year verbs

25 terms By Shadoff

French 3rd year A La Gare

6 terms By meganj01

Verbs, Quiz 2, 3rd Year

218 terms By elizabeth_self2

3rd Year Verbs

40 terms By absterpoo

French 3rd Year Unit 1 Vocab

60 terms By josh_sherman

Futur - French Grammar

25 terms By emilyelizabeth1197

French grammar test semester 1 year 1

70 terms By sophie_pownall

Advanced French Grammar

133 terms By dbeaugh

3rd Year Freizeit verbs

46 terms By sk1907

French Grammar 2nd Year

37 terms By susannahwhitmarsh

french grammar and vocab and verbs

48 terms By abbeydenn

French regular verb endings mix

45 terms By jcritchley Teacher

French grammar - à , de, or no prepostion verbs

38 terms By whitehouseabigail