VI3 French grammar: Subjunctive

44 terms By syruso TEACHER

U7 French Grammar - Irregular Adjectives

49 terms By abosch TEACHER

U9 French Grammar - Present Participles

55 terms By abosch TEACHER

U1-4 French Grammar - Adjective Agreement

67 terms By abosch TEACHER

Remove French grammar: Question words

39 terms By syruso TEACHER

U1-4 French Grammar - Prepositions

28 terms By abosch TEACHER

Imparfait - French Grammar

24 terms By bethaneegraver

U7 French Grammar - Adjectives to Adverbs

30 terms By abosch TEACHER

French - Grammar - Verbs with de

21 terms By dboyd1 TEACHER

French Final Grammar-imparfait

8 terms By Kelly_Pyle2

Grammar - Imparfait

3 terms By kirstytuite

Remove French grammar: Adjectives

63 terms By syruso TEACHER

Remove French grammar: present participles

57 terms By syruso TEACHER

Whitney's French Grammar, Lesson 2 (pg. 30)

109 terms By dpfonten1976 TEACHER

Shell French grammar: Adjectives

45 terms By syruso TEACHER

French - Grammar - Verbs with à

20 terms By dboyd1 TEACHER

Bien Dit 3 chapter 1 grammar: imparfait

8 terms By jmorisseautchr TEACHER

French Grammar Rules

63 terms By dpfonten1976 TEACHER

French Grammar

17 terms By technicolorsock

French grammar

35 terms By Vilmo4ka

Whitney's French Grammar, Lesson 1 (pg. 27)

99 terms By dpfonten1976 TEACHER

French Grammar Modal Verbs by Mrs C

48 terms By teachleprof TEACHER

Shell French Grammar: Future (je form)

31 terms By syruso TEACHER