C5-2. le futur proche

15 terms By madame-nicolaou Teacher

Le futur simple - verbes irréguliers

16 terms By magbooshkopp Teacher

D'Accord! 2 Unit 4B.1 Grammar- Le futur simple

30 terms By Madame_Dow Teacher

Le futur proche

30 terms By MadameTwedt Teacher

Le Future Proche- The Near Future and Aller

26 terms By MmeParis Teacher

Le futur simple- Irregular Stems

13 terms By MsHemmings Teacher

Le Futur Antérieur

49 terms By Marcel_Losier Teacher

Le futur simple et le conditionnel: stem-changing verbs

20 terms By Sophie_Beaumont Teacher

Le Futur Simple 3

77 terms By jennifer_w_crespin Teacher

le futur French 4-5

20 terms By cserbeniuc Teacher

Le future proche

28 terms By Mme_Aliu Teacher

Le futur

30 terms By mmescheaffer Teacher

Le Futur

96 terms By bruntm Teacher

Le Futur Simple

50 terms By Marcel_Losier Teacher

French Future Perfect - Le futur antérieur

10 terms By frenchetc

4. Le futur simple_Verbes irréguliers

27 terms By eva1quiz Teacher

Le Futur Antérieur

24 terms By QAFgurl

Le Futur Simple: -RE verbs

27 terms By missagnes

Le futur - French 5

20 terms By jgaske Teacher

Le Futur Simple: Irregular verbs 3

14 terms By missagnes

le FUTUR - with IRREGULAR stems

36 terms By utlars Teacher

VI3 French grammar: Future tense (irregular)

39 terms By syruso Teacher

LICT 11.1 -le futur et le passé

24 terms By hollyconnelly Teacher

Le Futur Simple: Irregular verbs 2

12 terms By missagnes

Verb Sheets: Le passé, le futur, le conditionnel

27 terms By SamRicciardi95

Le Futur Simple: Irregular verbs 4

14 terms By missagnes

Le Futur Simple ANNEE 8/9

77 terms By mmemancev Teacher

Le Future Proche- The Near Future (Les indications temporelles)

16 terms By issadam Teacher

Le futur simple

60 terms By Lynn_Robinson4 Teacher

6. Le futur simple- Les verbes irréguliers - les radicaux

11 terms By eva1quiz Teacher

U5P2 grammar - le futur irreg. stems

24 terms By sophieoverall

Le Future Proche- The Near Future

31 terms By sherikovacs Teacher

Le futur proche II

27 terms By SASFrenchteacher Teacher

Le Futur Simple: Irregular verbs 1

14 terms By missagnes


60 terms By orwellianworld

French AP - le futur et le futur antérieur, racines irrégulières

17 terms By MmeCooper Teacher

French 9 - Le futur simple - Exception Verbs and Their Stems

17 terms By mbroschart Teacher

le futur

41 terms By dbryant52 Teacher

Le Futur-les racines irrégulières

22 terms By DESOkid

Mes Projets pour le Futur-Likes, dislikes & future plans

58 terms By MadameDrefs Teacher

Le futur simple - racines

21 terms By MmeNeumann Teacher

Aller + infinitive (the near future, aka Le futur proche)

24 terms By MmeFlynn

Le Futur

30 terms By BigCaseyDog

Le Futur Simple: - ER regular verbs

32 terms By missagnes

A2-Le futur proche des vacances

16 terms By guylaine_leduc Teacher

Le verbe ALLER: Le présent et le futur proche

23 terms By Gentil_Adzimawo Teacher

Le Futur

131 terms By QAFgurl

Le Futur and Le Conditionnel irregular stems

12 terms By Willman

Future Perfect- le futur antérieur

15 terms By amandamccleery Teacher

Le futur simple

25 terms By rhizora