Future/Conditional Irregular Verb Stems

46 terms By Ananyatalikoti

French III: Irregular future and conditional stems

18 terms By GeoffStarron Teacher

French 3 : Irregular verb stems (Futur/ Conditionnel)

12 terms By MadameMeunier Teacher

French Future Irregular Verb Stems

25 terms By Lena_Roberts Teacher

French Irregular Verb Stems Future Tense (je)

21 terms By Morgan_McKinzie

Irregular verb stems- future simple

26 terms By xoxojbs1224

Irregular Verb Stems in Futur Simple

15 terms By drygrasses

French Future Irregular Verb Stems

31 terms By nitin_595

French III: Irregular Future Stems

16 terms By lowmell Teacher

French Future Irregular Verb Stems

16 terms By samstifter

Irregular Verb Stems (Future)

24 terms By javasmybaby

Irregular French Verb Stems in Future Tense

19 terms By Makala_luvs_ya

Irregular Verb Future Stems

13 terms By AMC7

III Future Irregular Verbs

32 terms By ndaihl

French Futur Verb Stems: irregular

15 terms By RebeccaLGrow

Future Stems of Irregular Verbs

16 terms By esk913