French - Imperfect (Big Test)

100 terms By GBF33

french imperfect

12 terms By rc0121

French imperfect verb conjugations

40 terms By MrsPokryfki Teacher


22 terms By mcmfrench2015 Teacher

AQA GCSE FRENCH Imperfect Tense

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french imperfect

12 terms By languagesnsb Teacher

French Imperfect & Conditional Tenses

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French Imperfect

34 terms By BobbyFordi117

French imperfect stems

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20 terms By allsaints

French Imperfect Tense Conjugated

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French imperfect stems

19 terms By trent

French Imperfect

43 terms By dwoodhead

French imperfect conjugations

39 terms By Caleb_Lloyd

French Imperfect

12 terms By bschafer619

French Imperfect Tense (Imparfait)

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French imperfect verb conjugations

40 terms By ClareCooper Teacher

French Imperfect Tense Conjugated

18 terms By mcmfrench2015 Teacher

French imperfect verb conjugations

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French imperfect verb conjugations

57 terms By cassiafox Teacher

French Imperfect Irregular stems

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S5 French - Imperfect revision

32 terms By herrmeadows

French Imperfect

41 terms By Bloom_Peters

French: Imperfect

25 terms By Noah_Kelley3

French Imperfect Verbs

34 terms By AndyHicks

French Imperfect - Level 1

23 terms By MrHoughton_KSW

French imperfect verbs (nous form of present tense for the stem)

36 terms By ad_fitz2002 Teacher

French imperfect most used verbs

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French - Imperfect (04) conjugating all parts

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Shell French Imperfect + Present (now and then)

35 terms By lrissmart

French imperfect

29 terms By tracy_nicolae

French Imperfect

9 terms By Moyo_Unicorn

French Imperfect Tense

44 terms By PHDGS

French- Imperfect/Passe

42 terms By kfoster17

French : Imperfect

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25 terms By griffinsenvisky

18. FRENCH Imperfect Tense

12 terms By ccheatwd Teacher

French imperfect (past) tense

48 terms By adventura

French imperfect endings

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French - Imperfect (01) endings simple

6 terms By admcauley

French: Imperfect Practice

20 terms By jijakei

French Imperfect Stems

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French - Imperfect Verb Etre

6 terms By Hankhill101

French Imperfect

42 terms By LeCri

French Imperfect

78 terms By javi656

French Imperfect Vouloir and Pouvoir

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french imperfect

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27 terms By synonymsforsilver

French Imperfect Verbs

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French Imperfect Vocab

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