French Irregular Verbs Future Simple

90 terms By ekrogers

French irregular verbs futur simple

16 terms By kswiatowska

U8 French Verbs - Irregular Future Simple

90 terms By abosch Teacher

U8 French Verbs - Regular Future Simple

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French Irregular Verbs-Future simple

19 terms By Rasheed_Tucker

French Irregular Verbs - Futur Simple

114 terms By rosaliecormier

French Irregular Verbs (Futur simple)

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French Irregular Verbs- Future Simple

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Le futur simple- Irregular Stems

20 terms By jeannine-pentz Teacher

French Verb Quiz - Futur Simple

470 terms By abosch Teacher

BV2 Ch6 Le Futur Simple (je, tu, il/elle) with four irregulars (avoir, etre, aller, and faire)

40 terms By rachelhbaker Teacher

Gr 9 Futur Simple: verbes irréguliers

24 terms By smww Teacher

Futur simple irregulars

25 terms By zoemaggiezachsean

French Future Simple Irregulars

23 terms By Dylan_Sutherland

Le futur simple- Irregular Stems

13 terms By MsHemmings Teacher

French Verbs (Future Simple) - Irregular Verbs

16 terms By Rosalie_Waldorf

French Irregular Verbs for Futur Simple

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French Irregular verbs for future simple

15 terms By jgleisenring

French 9 - Le futur simple - exception verbs

16 terms By mbroschart Teacher

Le Futur Simple: Irregular verbs 4

14 terms By missagnes

Le futur simple - irregular stems

28 terms By mbroschart Teacher

french irregular verbs in futur simple

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Irregular Verbs Futur Simple

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Irregular Future Simple Verbs

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Futur simple - verbes irréguliers

90 terms By Stefanieh

Irregular Verbs - Future Simple

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French irregular verbs au futur simple

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Irregular Verbs Futur Simpl

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irregular verbs futur simple

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French Future Simple Irregulars

14 terms By mmesusansmith Teacher

Verbes - le futur simple - irregular verbs

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A2 Ch. 1 French Irregular Verbs(le futur simple)

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Irregular Verbs- Future Simple

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future simple french irregular verbs

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Futur simple: irregular verbs (unpredictable)

70 terms By profdefranC

French Futur Simple Irregular Verb Stems

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Irregular Verbs (futur simple)

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CISLOLCOOLSWAGIAMAFRENCHLORD Irregulars verbs - futur simple

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Le futur simple- Irregular Stems

20 terms By rachelhbaker Teacher

Even more futur simple irregular verb practice!

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Past Simple & Past Participle of Irregular verb set #3

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EAL A2: Irregular Verbs (Simple Past)

80 terms By myersale Teacher

French Future Simple Irregulars

22 terms By joannaluft

Past Simple irregular verbs

18 terms By studiumalma Teacher

Simple Future Irregular Verbs

26 terms By kitandkoobodle

French irregular verb forms in future simple

15 terms By dilbert13

New Irregular Verbs Futur Simple

49 terms By julia_arnade_colwill

Gr 9 Futur Simple: verbes réguliers et irréguliers

23 terms By smww Teacher

Le Futur Simple: Irregular verbs 3

14 terms By missagnes

Irregular verb forms in the subjunctive: French

159 terms By MadameZFrench Teacher