French IV Chapter 2 A

50 terms By oreo71

French IV Chapter 3 Vocabulaire

55 terms By 14mwade

Honors French IV Vocabulary 2015

55 terms By rcarroll17

French IV Chapter 5 D

39 terms By Pandemonium98

French IV Verbs set 1

48 terms By theilovekate

French IV Verbs set 2

50 terms By theilovekate

French IV Chapter 2 C

39 terms By oreo71

French IV Unit 1 Vocabulary

56 terms By cseigel

French IV: Les Classes sociales

53 terms By hannahtarolli

French IV: Papillon Chap 1

38 terms By mbachman1

French IV: En Ville Vocab

66 terms By opitzini

Lesson 1: French IV

99 terms By ssowins244

French IV H- Vocabulary- pg. 234

33 terms By dancerchicxo16

French IV- Manon de Source

98 terms By bunniesnpugs

French IV Unit 9 Plus que parfait practice

6 terms By susancox0218 TEACHER

French IV Love Vocab

105 terms By cici-22

French IV-Verbs with à, de + infinitive

46 terms By MmeThomas TEACHER

French IV: Emotions

30 terms By dguibord

French IV Honors Midterm: Grammar

264 terms By nsoler

French IV: Chapter 2 Vocab

81 terms By ssowins244

French IV vocab

114 terms By romanwashere

French IV Chapter 8 Vocabulary

82 terms By Classical_Reader

French IV Verbs

18 terms By mwaltermccrary


29 terms By jennifeern

French IV Honors: Final Review

226 terms By kgd2891

French IV

27 terms By g300856

french iv midterm vocabulary

129 terms By abik21

French IV- Jean de Florette

93 terms By bunniesnpugs

French IV: Chap IV (Hist)

38 terms By katemarie203

French IV Vocab Review

61 terms By justin_srsic

French IV: Chapter IV Vocab

66 terms By bjoe55

French IV Object Vocabulary

28 terms By elizabeth_ruark


28 terms By jennifeern


28 terms By jennifeern

French IV: Leçon 2 Vocab En Ville

62 terms By taylor_rice4

French IV Honors Quiz 1

150 terms By smachamer149

French IV Chapter 4 D and E

46 terms By Pandemonium98

French IV Chapter 8 A, B, C

56 terms By Pandemonium98

French IV Unit 3: La Presse


french iv ch.6 subjonctif vs. indicatif

50 terms By francescaeluhu