HKMS French Telling Time

By msharingtonTEACHER
29 terms by msharingtonTEACHER

HKMS French question words

By msharingtonTEACHER
8 terms by msharingtonTEACHER

HKMS French Telling Time

By Sarina_McPherson1TEACHER
29 terms by Sarina_McPherson1TEACHER

HKMS French Telling Time

By audrey_boyce-brown
29 terms by audrey_boyce-brown

HKMS French Expressions of Quantity

By kliuer9
16 terms by kliuer9

HKMS French <<re>> verbs

By kcliu0310
8 terms by kcliu0310

HKMS Clothing French

By kliuer9
62 terms by kliuer9

HKMS French Fruits and Vegetables

By kliuer9
23 terms by kliuer9

HKMS French verbs

By kliuer9
27 terms by kliuer9

HKMS French Dr&MrsVandertrampp

By kliuer9
17 terms by kliuer9

Les Nombres/ Numbers in French!

38 terms by MlleAbbyTEACHER

Les nombres: French

By mountainsoldier
46 terms by mountainsoldier

French Nombres

By mckenziehudgins
21 terms by mckenziehudgins

French: nombres

By evegleeson1
28 terms by evegleeson1

French nombres

By nico_gentile15
69 terms by nico_gentile15

Les Nombres || French

By tinietdoan
100 terms by tinietdoan

French Nombres

By delaneyfacques
57 terms by delaneyfacques

French Nombres

By playingoutside
21 terms by playingoutside

French Nombres

By camryn_rebekah
43 terms by camryn_rebekah

French:Le Nombres

By Alana_Tyson
9 terms by Alana_Tyson

French- les nombres

By Robyn__
20 terms by Robyn__

french -les nombres

By rachel-shute72
25 terms by rachel-shute72

FRENCH - Les Nombres

By EmeryS02
31 terms by EmeryS02

French* Les Nombres

By Hailey_ilog07
25 terms by Hailey_ilog07

French: Les Nombres

By Allen_Blackwell
30 terms by Allen_Blackwell

French nombres

By quizlette7347335
71 terms by quizlette7347335

French Nombres

By reyes_kimberlin
21 terms by reyes_kimberlin

French nombres

By princessssbubblegum
30 terms by princessssbubblegum

French nombres

By Nora_Wolfgang
27 terms by Nora_Wolfgang

french nombres

By ryannaaaa_
10 terms by ryannaaaa_

French nombres

By PosnerLi20
40 terms by PosnerLi20

Nombres FRENCH

By gdesai5
30 terms by gdesai5

Les Nombres~French

By Callumisawesome4
10 terms by Callumisawesome4

French Nombres

By Rishi_Chiniga
26 terms by Rishi_Chiniga

French: Nombres

By alexis_fisher40
34 terms by alexis_fisher40

French nombres

By Lividancer101
21 terms by Lividancer101

French Le Nombres

By kawaiidraglearner
31 terms by kawaiidraglearner

Les nombres (French)

By HikaruShidou
39 terms by HikaruShidou

French les nombres

By crmurlick
31 terms by crmurlick

French nombres

By alyssa_english
21 terms by alyssa_english

Nombres In French

By Yudelkis_Cueva
60 terms by Yudelkis_Cueva

Les Nombres (French)

By erin_leung
44 terms by erin_leung

French: Les Nombres

By MDeJesus98
48 terms by MDeJesus98

french le nombres


French: Les Nombres

By emmafox02
100 terms by emmafox02

French: Les Nombres

By donnavrensburg
32 terms by donnavrensburg

Les Nombres (Numbers-French)

88 terms by LHAGSFrenchTEACHER

FRENCH: les nombre

By Hgreen31
28 terms by Hgreen31

Y8 French-Les nombres

By vkhill
66 terms by vkhill

Les Nombres HS French

By mmebeattyTEACHER
88 terms by mmebeattyTEACHER