French Passe Compose-irregular pictures

30 terms By jenawelty Teacher

French Passé Compose Conjugation

6 terms By NomadicAnta

French Passe Compose Participles

20 terms By 14bulgra

French Passé composé être verbs- forms

33 terms By kgrosso Teacher

French Passé Composé

46 terms By mjeanpierre

Le Passé Composé (with avoir)

26 terms By stonyhurstfrench Teacher

Passé Composé (irregular past participles)

38 terms By eastmanr Teacher

French - Passe Compose avec Etre

16 terms By QuickWit

French passe compose regular re and ir verbs

24 terms By kgrosso Teacher

Passé composé with avoir past participles

36 terms By mmemeservey Teacher

French Verbs - Passé Composé with Être

101 terms By abosch Teacher

2Allez-viens! 136 passé composé

17 terms By Saint-Louis Teacher

french passé composé irregular

40 terms By yunfan123

Passé Composé Past Participles

51 terms By jvotsis Teacher

Passé Composé irregular past participles

29 terms By mcfbrown Teacher

French Passe Compose

80 terms By Keirin-Sama

Passé composé: être (exercices 1)

16 terms By MmeNeumann Teacher

Passé Composé

34 terms By MelleFarman Teacher

808 French Passe Compose - irregular pictures

30 terms By madamemartincourt Teacher

French Passe Compose w/Avoir

36 terms By juliapowell001

French - Passe Compose avec Etre

16 terms By MmePeterlin Teacher

Passé Composé- les verbes irréguliers

42 terms By micheledelange Teacher

French - Passé composé

33 terms By Suzanne_Mceneaney Teacher

French Passé Composé

9 terms By hazardandy

passe compose participles

40 terms By chanchan17

French - Passé Composé - Verbs Regular

38 terms By rantho2000 Teacher

Passé Composé (irregular past participles)

38 terms By MmeLumumba Teacher

Passé Composé Past Participles

22 terms By MonsieurN Teacher

Passé composé Irregular Past Participles

18 terms By mllegardner Teacher

Passé Composé with Avoir - Irreg

20 terms By bookwrm209 Teacher

French Passé Composé Past Participles

29 terms By krystaljo_weiss

French - Passé Composé - Verbs Regular

39 terms By Mme-V Teacher