PASSE COMPOSE (past tense)

By Diane_Reed2TEACHER
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French Past Tense passe compose irreugular endings

By lindsey_falack
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French: Past Tense--Passe compose--vandertramp--(etre)

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past tense Passé Composé

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Passe Compose- Past tense

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Past Tense - Le passe compose

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Le passe compose- past tense

By Datis_Kalali
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French past passe compose

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Passe compose past tense changes

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Passe compose verb past tense

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Irregular Passe Compose- Past tense

By tessasingstoo
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passe compose - irregular past tense (Mme. Barczak French II)

By mccown_alexis
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passe compose past tense verbs

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Passé composé verb past tense

By peyton_Massengale
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French tense Le Passé Composé

By cpetalas
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Le Passé Composé - The Past Tense

By mmepardonTEACHER
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Regular Past Tense Avoir - Le passé compose - French 2016

By AnishaD2604
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Irregular Past Tense Avoir - Le passé compose - French 2016

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Le Passe Compose- The Perfect Tense (Past Tense)

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Past Tense - Passé Composé

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Le Passé Composé - The Past Tense

By faustinadinh
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French Past Participle Passe Compose

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Passé Composé - Past Tense

By ferris_schley
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passé compose - irregular past tense

By Grace_Lloyd2
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French PasseComposePastParticiples

By rei_murt
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passé compose - regular past tense

By Grace_Lloyd2
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Past tense verbs - Passé composé

By MissAbrahamsTEACHER
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French passé compose past participles

By Kira_Daher
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4C - Passé compose - Past Tense

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Ch.8 le passe compose (past tense)

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Passe compose (verbs in present/ past tense)

By esjunior1998
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passe compose - list of past tense verbs

By Carolyn_Gillespie
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Subjunctive past tense vs passe compose

By css17
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Le Passe Compose(The Past Tense): "Etre" verbs

By ixheartxflowers29
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Le Passe Compose(The Past Tense): "Avoir" verbs

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French Aller Passé Composé Tense

By Timberwolf33
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French Venir Passé Composé Tense

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regular passé composé with avoir and past tense indicators

By KowalLauraTEACHER
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Passé composé - Irregular past tense

By sarahcraddock123
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Past tense - Verbs - Passé composé

By Akash_Singh6
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French Passé Composé Past Participles

By mtgymball
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French passé compose irregular past participles

By ClaudiahoelzerTEACHER
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Passé Composé / Past Tense - Review

By M_Shragge
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Le Passé Composé - Past Tense Verbs

By racheleberle
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Irregular passé composé french to past participle

By jarn1162
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French II: Passe Compose Irregular Past Participles

By anniewormus
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Passé Composé - Past Tense Verbs

By christasauersmars
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Le passé composé - past tense expo 3 mod 5

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