Present to passe compose in French

By Adrienne_Steflik
31 terms by Adrienne_Steflik

French present and passe compose quiz

By cami_devotonoonan
54 terms by cami_devotonoonan


By MmeBainbridge
20 terms by MmeBainbridge

French 2H: Vocab review... Present + Passe Compose

By alexjoelee
23 terms by alexjoelee

French. Passe Compose/Present for Verbs/Pronouns

By Chaida_BangoBango
12 terms by Chaida_BangoBango

french passé composé irregular

By ahodge417
20 terms by ahodge417

French 2H: More Present and Passe Compose Practice

By alexjoelee
30 terms by alexjoelee

présent / passé composé

30 terms by IDIMTEACHER

French ~~~ Ecoutez! Present ou Passe Compose

By lanabanana2121
10 terms by lanabanana2121

French final (Reflexives present to passe compose)

By andreahanley
12 terms by andreahanley

présent au passé composé

By madamedignonTEACHER
24 terms by madamedignonTEACHER

présent et passé composé

By mmemancevTEACHER
55 terms by mmemancevTEACHER

Discovering French Nouveau Blanc- Lesson 7 aller-present and passe compose

By sharonkolmanTEACHER
15 terms by sharonkolmanTEACHER

French 1, Chapter 10, Present to passé composé

By Rishika_Patel7
9 terms by Rishika_Patel7

Present tense to passé composé

By kgirondel
31 terms by kgirondel

présent - passé composé

By olga_dymnich
19 terms by olga_dymnich

Passe compose french 3

By marthathompsonTEACHER
136 terms by marthathompsonTEACHER

French Verbs - Présent et Passé Composé

By Emily_Bashford
36 terms by Emily_Bashford

Present - passé composé

By MadameByerlyTEACHER
20 terms by MadameByerlyTEACHER

Présent au passé composé

By mmechanTEACHER
33 terms by mmechanTEACHER

présent et passé composé

By Alannahv
55 terms by Alannahv

present, passe compose, imparfait

10 terms by WACCKBAMM



Du présent au passé composé

By madame-nicolaouTEACHER
22 terms by madame-nicolaouTEACHER

passe compose - present perfect

By ameliamwarwick
21 terms by ameliamwarwick

passé composé and present tense

By stevieRD
35 terms by stevieRD

Présent - passé composé

By madamedignonTEACHER
15 terms by madamedignonTEACHER

Present Tense and Passe Compose

By hector_sandoval5
34 terms by hector_sandoval5

Passe Compose w/Etre Presentation

By Mme_Roach
22 terms by Mme_Roach

présent et passé composé

By Fiacampagna
8 terms by Fiacampagna

Present - Passe Compose

By Marah_M
126 terms by Marah_M

présent et passé composé

By allegradance
55 terms by allegradance

présent et passé composé

By Emily_Tree
55 terms by Emily_Tree

Passe Compose et present

By catie26
53 terms by catie26

IB French passe compose

By vahedir
35 terms by vahedir

French Passe Compose-irregular pictures

By grinders
30 terms by grinders

Présent - Passé composé

By madamedignonTEACHER
56 terms by madamedignonTEACHER

French revision passe compose

11 terms by SAS_

Présent au Passé composé

By MadameHarte
11 terms by MadameHarte

présent et passé composé MÉLANGE

By mmemancevTEACHER
34 terms by mmemancevTEACHER

French 3 Unit 6 Irregular -re verbs (present and passe compose)

By allisonlofgren
14 terms by allisonlofgren

Présent au Passé composé

By mwiebe36TEACHER
42 terms by mwiebe36TEACHER

Présent au Passé composé

By playerwagner
42 terms by playerwagner

Present - passé composé

By AnonymousDynasty
20 terms by AnonymousDynasty

Passe Compose w/Etre Presentation

By RozelangTEACHER
22 terms by RozelangTEACHER

Passé Composé / Présent

By Quizfabian
36 terms by Quizfabian

Passé Composé / Présent

By Quizfabian
36 terms by Quizfabian