French- Passe Compose Verb

By renee_petersen
16 terms by renee_petersen

French: Avoir Passe Compose

By Paige_Harris15
11 terms by Paige_Harris15

French Passe Compose Examples

By Saffron_Pollard
18 terms by Saffron_Pollard

French II Passe Compose

By kaylei_lauren
17 terms by kaylei_lauren

French Imparfait Passe Compose

By steph_monson
10 terms by steph_monson

French passe compose

By michelle_cow
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French Passe Compose

By danielle_cogburn
18 terms by danielle_cogburn

French-Passe compose

By Christine_Tan8
17 terms by Christine_Tan8

French- passe compose avoir

By mika_lu8
19 terms by mika_lu8

french passé composé

By Jaime_Drouin
15 terms by Jaime_Drouin

French Passe Compose

By alexismsoto
18 terms by alexismsoto

french grammar passe compose


French passe compose etre

By lhaigh375
8 terms by lhaigh375

French Verbs Passe Compose

By ashwinman
19 terms by ashwinman

french 3 passé composé

By Hayley_Johnston
20 terms by Hayley_Johnston

French Verbs - Passe Compose

By Petlover39
30 terms by Petlover39

French: Passe Compose

By Kotter_Brooklyn
26 terms by Kotter_Brooklyn

french etre passe compose

By dborras
16 terms by dborras

French passe compose

By Amy-Kach
15 terms by Amy-Kach

French: Passe Compose (etre)

By my_feet
15 terms by my_feet

french - passe compose conjugations

By carlyc53
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French Etre Passe Compose

By Cheetah321
17 terms by Cheetah321

french passe compose

By iris_grace
32 terms by iris_grace

French Passe Compose

By ryee_ryee
58 terms by ryee_ryee

French Etre Passe Compose

By steph_monson
17 terms by steph_monson

French passe compose

By fridavictoriaa
12 terms by fridavictoriaa

French: Passe Compose and Vocab

By emery_33
100 terms by emery_33

french passe compose verbs

16 terms by REESE_BARESKY

french passe compose reflexive

By maryrozell
16 terms by maryrozell

French 1: Passe Compose

By scuff19
22 terms by scuff19

Passe Compose- French 3

By fjuarezhernand
25 terms by fjuarezhernand

French Irregulars In Passe Compose

By taki7cory
24 terms by taki7cory

French: passe compose

By AKP1234
24 terms by AKP1234

French - Passe Compose

By khally
30 terms by khally

French: Imparfait and Passe Compose

By tristan100
52 terms by tristan100

French Verbs Passe Compose

By IronSpyder
30 terms by IronSpyder

French: Etre Passe Compose

By Paige_Harris15
23 terms by Paige_Harris15

french quiz passe compose

By carolinerutledge
17 terms by carolinerutledge

French: Passe Compose

By Leor_Surilov
58 terms by Leor_Surilov

French Passe Compose: Etre

By dramaqueen52
13 terms by dramaqueen52

french passe compose

By alyssxa
41 terms by alyssxa

French 3: Passe Compose

By Makedaa
11 terms by Makedaa

French 2 - Passe Compose

By Catherine_Bannon
14 terms by Catherine_Bannon

French passe compose

By zafe
29 terms by zafe

french: passe compose

By shelbybrantley
9 terms by shelbybrantley

French - Passe Compose - Avoir

By Justin_Li4
9 terms by Justin_Li4

French 9 Passe Compose

By mikeschulz
18 terms by mikeschulz

French- Passe Compose Sentences

By Adelai_Lynch
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French Quiz Passe Compose

By Jonathan_Haywood
8 terms by Jonathan_Haywood

French: Passe Compose

By casanovacandy
31 terms by casanovacandy