French Futur Simple Regular

By cdwalker
467 terms by cdwalker

Les Pays- Regular French Test

By samlovesham48
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French Regular -er Verbs

By AngryDingo
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Regular French -er verbs

By corrales_absent
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Regular French -RE verbs

By cleez
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French Regular -Er verbs

By seversone
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Regular French Verbs

By JarvisIII
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French Regular -IR Verbs

By cdwalker
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French Regular Verbs

By ferrisaj193
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French regular ER verbs

By ocwatkinsSTAFF
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French Regular Verb Conjugation

By Ahsiek
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French: Regular RE Verbs

By kalliger
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French verbs regular

By lkburton
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French Regular [er] Verbs

By ainoeastman
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French: Regular RE Verbs

By atsanti
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Regular ER Verbs French

By wesley148
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French 2 Regular -ER Verbs

By cgregorettiTEACHER
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French regular IR verbs

By ccbenson27
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French Regular Verbs- Present

By kylagrau
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french - common regular verbs

By benbt-japan
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French Regular '-er' Verb Conjugation

By madamemartincourt
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French Present Ending (REGULAR)

By amywass
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French regular -er verbs

By Morella_Almann
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French Regular ER verbs

By sallylibya
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Regular/irregular French plurals

By OlgaKut
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French Future Regular

By jules_martinez
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By lsdunoyeTEACHER
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ir regular verbs in French

By MmePinno
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French Regular Future Tense Practice

By kgrossoTEACHER
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French Regular '-ir' Verb Conjugation

By breslink27
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Regular -ER French Verbs

By blue_waters021
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French Verbs - Regular and Irregular

By jugof001
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10. French Regular -RE Verbs

By reynolee1
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French - Regular verbs - IR

By Quizzer-797
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Regular -ir Verbs French

By tamimiamiTEACHER
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French Regular Verb Conjugations

18 terms by RS4L

French Regular ER Verbs

By marlwood2TEACHER
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french irregular and regular verbs

By kaylamal5
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French regular -ir verbs (Conjugation Practice 2)

By jinaferbrown
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French Regular Verbs - Definitions

By Joey_Holliday
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French Conditional of Regular

By madamenovakTEACHER
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Regular ir verbs french

By bbjertness
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Regular French "-er" Verbs

By LeLingue_diDonna
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French 3 - Regular verbs

By churnerTEACHER
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French 2 Regular Verbs

By defloyd
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French Regular -IR Verbs

By quicoll
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FRENCH -ir Verbs/Regular

By nfwillcox
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French Adjectives (regular)

By fancychopsticks
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Regular -RE Verbs in French

By laprof
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