French (Regular- ER verbs)

41 terms By Emma_Forster

French Regular and Irregular Verbs

66 terms By tyler_tallmadge

French Regular -er verbs (2B)

27 terms By Jessiebell

French Regular Verbs

115 terms By Sumin_Kim6

GCSE French- Regular 'er' verbs

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French Regulars

31 terms By OwenMaier

French regular ER verbs - AFAA

39 terms By Liz_Fennell

French regular ir verbs

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French Regular Subjunctive

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French Regular ER Verbs

36 terms By snhill

French regular re verbs

10 terms By rachelfrese

French Regular Imparfait Endings

8 terms By Sophia_Zimmer

French: Regular verbs ending in -ER... Passé Sample Indicatif

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French regular -Er verbs

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french regular verbs

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French Regular Verbs

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French regular adjectives

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French regular ER verbs

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French: Regular IR verbs

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French - Regular Verbs, Irregular Verbs, and Conjunctions

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French regular IR Verbs - finir, réfléchir, choisir

21 terms By lowmell Teacher

French: Regular -er Verbs

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French Regular Verbs

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French Regular Vocab

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French Regular Verbs + Être

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French Regular Verbs p2

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French: Regular Verbs

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French Regular ER verbs Part One

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French - Regular -ER - Present tense endings

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French Regular Verbs

60 terms By vanthana16french

French regular irregular verbs

11 terms By Andre_Kurtz16

French Regular Verbs 2

86 terms By christinaklumbach

French Regular -er Verbs (2) GSC

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French: Regular verbs ending in -ER...Présent Conditionnel

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French Regular Verbs

53 terms By adouma

French Regular Verbs

64 terms By maydonahue

French Regular '-er' Verb Conjugation

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French Regular Verbs

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French Regular Verbs - Definitions

49 terms By Joey_Holliday

French Regular -er Verbs

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10. French Regular -RE Verbs

12 terms By Zyugma

French Regular Verbs

70 terms By madmckenzie

French Regular ER Verb Endings - Aimer

36 terms By Scott_Clee

french regular ER congugations

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French Regular '-ir' Verb Conjugation

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French Regular Adjectives Part 1

13 terms By killian0096

French Regular Verbs

30 terms By charrington177

French Regular Imparfait

27 terms By lcook14

french regular subjunctive

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French Regular Verbs- ER, IR, RE

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