Learning French: Colours

17 terms By Lolalm7 Teacher

Real life French that you may not have learned at school

56 terms By jennifer_w_crespin Teacher

play and learn french - la soupe folle page 17

16 terms By vdupuy Teacher

NY French Regents Repeated Vocab list 4

42 terms By kat42714

I Am Learning English Academy - FCE Speaking Test vocabulary #2 - asking opinion/asking to repeat/th…

19 terms By quizlette4395075 Teacher

List 3 I'm learning French

22 terms By aileenpeek Teacher

Learn French with French 101 - Greetings - Level One

16 terms By Frau_Weir Teacher

French everything: to learn french

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French Verbs (probably repeats)

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Unité 5- Descriptions to learn

20 terms By alisonjphillips Teacher

Learning - Nat 5 French

48 terms By MrPaterson Teacher

Learn French Online Free with Archie and Betty

18 terms By barryg

NY French Regents Repeated Vocab list 4

42 terms By mmedouce Teacher

Music Theory, Dynamics, Tempo, Articulation, Repeat Marks

28 terms By gettingready

NY French Regents Repeated Vocab list 4

42 terms By mmedouce Teacher

French 3- Regents Repeated Vocabulary -April

27 terms By jsabonis

3. Aprende Tetun (Learning Tetun)

27 terms By claudiasyork

Learn French at the Hotel

30 terms By barryg

Learning Spanish- Expressing likes/dislikes

52 terms By kemberlimayo Teacher

L'Orage de Neige p.1 [class construct, expanding on vocab from Ana Lomba [Play & Learn Fren…

20 terms By SraVigi-MmeVivi

Learning French: Beginning Words

8 terms By Lillia_Downing

French 3 Repeated Verbs

34 terms By jilb33

Regents Repeated Vocab French Set 1

47 terms By sparkle293

French Vocab Repeats

69 terms By cordway8

l'heure du diner page 19 (play and learn French)

30 terms By vdupuy Teacher

French idiomatic expressions to learn

15 terms By jennifer_w_crespin Teacher

Repeated Vocabulary

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learn french

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The French Alphabet - L'Alphabet en Français

38 terms By francoisetranter

French - House - starred to learn

20 terms By Jason_Gleave Teacher

French verbs-2

40 terms By frenchetc

Music Theory: Dynamic Signs, Tempo Marks, Articulation, Repeats

30 terms By jsletto

Food (french learning) 1

5 terms By ScarletRider

to repeat

9 terms By wikibombshane

NY French Regents Repeated Vocab list 4

42 terms By biast2119

FLICS 7/8 Travel Learning Scenario #1 - L'enregistrement

18 terms By mmeryan Teacher

learn french

2 terms By Tre_banaski2014

TNTC French year 10 Recap vocab to learn for listening, reading and writing test

71 terms By frenchkiwi888 Teacher

Page 6 French GCSE learning

27 terms By Joco2013

Words I Repeatedly Misspell

3 terms By natashathedrummer

French Learning 28/1

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Learning French; Beginners Addition.

8 terms By leap17

French Learning 4 (simple words)

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learning (French Spelling Bee)

10 terms By msnaith Teacher

fast french learning

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Learn French

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French words I need to learn

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TNTC French senior NCEA present to learn

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Learning French

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French To Learn: Part 2

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