Present Tense Verb Review List

91 terms By cpaynea Teacher

Past Tense Verbs

14 terms By Vandenakker Teacher


33 terms By isabrodr Teacher

Irregular perfect tense verbs

20 terms By Megan_Banner

Irregular future tense verbs.

50 terms By SrVanFleet Teacher

Irregular preterit tense verbs

70 terms By marcelinanava Teacher

Stem Changing present tense verb practice

35 terms By janiegarrett Teacher

Imperfect Tense Verbs

73 terms By duffeye Teacher

French Future Tense Verbs

76 terms By cgregoretti Teacher

French present tense verbs

25 terms By gracifaci

Regular Present Tense Verbs

32 terms By mrverney Teacher

REGULAR past tense verb endings

40 terms By Hannah_Lingrell Teacher

french past tense verbs

70 terms By chelz23

Present Tense Verb Conjugations--PRACTICE!

60 terms By arkonm Teacher

Lección Preliminar: Present Tense Verbs

53 terms By GonzalezDGS Teacher

Present tense verb review - meanings

134 terms By sramatzen Teacher

Irregular Past Tense Verbs

44 terms By stickle-m Teacher

French Present Tense Verbs

40 terms By zackotennis

German Present Tense Verbs - So Far!

82 terms By MadamePanella Teacher

Irregular Past Tense Verbs 2

20 terms By sills_jack Teacher

Module 4 - Perfect Tense verbs

15 terms By MrsSemenzato Teacher

Top 33 Irregular Past Tense Verbs

33 terms By Muchmore-Vokoun Teacher

French III present tense verbs

144 terms By abcak

French 3 (Present Tense) Verbs

63 terms By CallMeMC


25 terms By isabrodr Teacher

spanish past tense verbs

255 terms By douglasj

1. present tense verbs

15 terms By Madame_latham Teacher

100% Regular Present Tense Verbs (Text Only)

41 terms By Hawkinator Teacher

French Tense Test

80 terms By barbaracox

past tense verbs

10 terms By marycpeterson Teacher

Regular Past Tense Verbs with Pronunciation and Spelllng tips

200 terms By jmrob Teacher

French II (present tense verb conjugations)

26 terms By Margaux_Giacotto

Irregular Past Tense Verbs 18-34

17 terms By pchristiansen Teacher

present tense verbs

40 terms By jmckinley82 Teacher

Irregular Past Tense Verbs 69 - 85

17 terms By pchristiansen Teacher

6 tense verb conjugations practice

60 terms By ldroessler Teacher

Stem-Changing Present Tense Verbs

40 terms By Brooke_Oast Teacher

Future tense verbs

30 terms By pscullion072 Teacher

Regular Past tense verbs

26 terms By Herr_Vaske Teacher

french present tense verbs

138 terms By joshbanks1

All Past Tense Verbs

29 terms By mmussett Teacher

Irregular Past Tense verbs (50 verbs)

50 terms By Elizabeth_Schenkel Teacher

THS German Regular (Present tense) Verbs

24 terms By MrHawkins09 Teacher

PRETEST: Regular present tense verb conjugations

30 terms By profesoramartin Teacher

Present Tense Verbs

57 terms By dominique_galvez Teacher

Irregular Present Tense Verbs

33 terms By Sr_Sullivan81 Teacher

present tense verbs 3rd, 4th lists

38 terms By gportanova Teacher

ER IR present tense verb conjugations

45 terms By Troutman-Spanish Teacher

Shell Present Tense verb test - MCFB

40 terms By mcfbrown Teacher

French Irregular Past Tense Verbs

24 terms By allyouneedislove