French Numbers for Telling Time

By MadameMcLaughlinTEACHER
60 terms by MadameMcLaughlinTEACHER

French time and numbers to 30

By jcatmur
36 terms by jcatmur

French Digit Time Numbers

By Raphael935
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French 2 Numbers And Times

By Charlotte_Robertson9
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French Time and Numbers


french months, numbers, time

By sage7411
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French numbers and times

By MadameRavenTEACHER
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French Numbers/Money/Time

By izabellajstaser
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French Numbers and Time

By peap0ds
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French Numbers and Time Terms

By deirdre_occhino
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French - Numbers/Time

By izzi177
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French Time and numbers

By alexis_smith22
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French Numbers and Time

By katherinek7
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french numbers & time

By Sophia_Bendetti
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French numbers and time

By itziaa_00
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Numbers/Time French 101

By Nora_Hetzler
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French - Numbers and Time

By emily_silkowski9
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French- time and numbers

By saturnbysleep
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Numbers & Time French

By Samhita_Bollineni
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french numbers (telling time)

By lragar
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French numbers/time

By Rebecca_Ackley6
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French numbers and time vocab

By azetzl
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French Time & Numbers

By harmonsarah
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French Numbers/time

By chloefearey
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French numbers/time

By rosieemcc
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French Numbers and Time

By JRhino44
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french time and numbers

By craigphipps
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French Time, Date, Weather, Numbers

By fayekoss
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French Time and numbers

By briar_johnson1
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French [Numbers and tell time]

By gabriela_sev4542
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French Numbers and Telling Time

By evette_harrell_20
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French Numbers and Time Phrases

By sgnicholas121
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French time and numbers

By leskind26
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French time and numbers to 30

By Ann_Reedy
35 terms by Ann_Reedy

French numbers, dates, and time

By hphilly39
30 terms by hphilly39

french numbers and telling the time

By BettyStapleton
38 terms by BettyStapleton

French Time and Number

By Rainbow096
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French Numbers + Times

By Tea_Einarsen
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French - Times Dates and Numbers

By Alex_Turner_________
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French number and time

By Michelle5109
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French numbers and times

By emilyspafford
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French numbers and times

By Buzz_D
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French Numbers, Dates & Times

By Linds_Rae
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French Time (Numbers 0 - 59)

By jporvinTEACHER
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French number times

By Caligreen20
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French Numbers, Times, and Dates

By Faith_Provost
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French Time and numbers assessment🇳🇱

By oliviashannonn1
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french number and times

By emmasmith19
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Random French Time/Dates/Numbers

By IzzyKnight
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French time numbers and pronouns test

By lauracromwell
27 terms by lauracromwell