French Vocab: Part A

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French Numbers 1-60

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Être or Avoir (in the Passé Commposé)

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French foods

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Mouth is french

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Days of the week French

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French Vocab

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French 2 p.5 Quiz

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French Verbes Vocab 1 Madame Jude

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French Home Vocab

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French 4 Unit 1 other vocab

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French 4 Unit 1 Idiomatic expressions

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Unité 1, Leçon A Vocabulaire

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French Quotations

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French Vocab

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English to French greetings

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French 3 Grammer

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French Numbers 0-20

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French Speaking

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French 4 Unit 1 Structure Verbs

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French Vocab 5

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French Vocab 4

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french vocab cars and stuff

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French Grammar 1 Quiz

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French Adj Ch. Prelim

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French unite 1 leçon b

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Numbers 20-100

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French II words to know -Lauren Verna

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Compétence 4

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French crosswords SEPT. 1

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French Pres. Vocab Personal

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Duran French new vocab 2

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Lesson 6; around town

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French words

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(images)Les verbes reflexifs ~ reflexive verbs

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Les Matières et les Activités Scolaires

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French practice quiz

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French 2 Unit 1 Lesson 1

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IB French AB DP 2 Test 1

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French 1 vocab breakfast

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French basic

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French 2 unit 1 terms

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Conversational French//Français de Conversation

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French Revolution Vocab

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'Discovering French' Blanc: 'Je me présente' pages 30-31

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Duran French Greetings

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