Sims French Unit 6 ER verb review 1

16 terms By carolannz Teacher

Sims French Unit 6 ER verb review 2

14 terms By carolannz Teacher

Er Verbs French

36 terms By jqanddq Teacher

T1 unit 6 Er verbs conjugated

43 terms By papoume Teacher

T1 unit 6 ER verbs

23 terms By papoume Teacher

French ER verbs

17 terms By bsanchezjhhs Teacher

Sims French unit 6 shopping and other -er verbs

12 terms By carolannz Teacher

Tricolore 1 unit 6 er verbs and weather

50 terms By AlEx_1777

Y6 - Unit 6 - 6 - ER Verbs + Irregular

10 terms By kingscam Teacher

French I -er verbs

48 terms By CSHathaway Teacher

French present tense -er verb practice

22 terms By kgrosso Teacher

FRENCH -er verbs present tense endings

8 terms By teachersteph Teacher

Regular -ER verbs

90 terms By hymersmfl Teacher

Girtonfrench unit 6 ER Verb Conjugation Practice

123 terms By emilyjerwin

Regular -er verbs

8 terms By madameregan Teacher

Girtonfrench unit 6 ER Verbs

19 terms By emilyjerwin

French Er verbs

75 terms By sharb01240 Teacher

french er verb endings

32 terms By juliegaffney Teacher

French er verbs

20 terms By smblewis

Leçon 5A 18 -ER Verbs with IMAGES (Pages 74 & 75)

18 terms By ksevert02 Teacher

Quizlet 5: D'Accord Unit 2A -ER Verbs English w/ Image-French

51 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

D'Accord Unit 2A -ER Verbs French w/ Image to English

80 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

Common -ER Verbs in French

31 terms By ljafrench Teacher

FRENCH -er verbs Metro 3.4

6 terms By teachersteph Teacher

Unité 1: -er verbs

19 terms By mmeminor Teacher

Smythe French -ER Verbs

41 terms By lsmyth2 Teacher

Girtonfrench Unit 6 ER Verb Conjugation Endings

23 terms By emilyjerwin

Common -ER Verbs

45 terms By tbonnar Teacher

HMS D'Accord: Leçon 2A -ER verbs

40 terms By cford1328 Teacher

ER verbs present tense

18 terms By smww Teacher

Les Infinitifs - ER Verbs

15 terms By donnadimmick Teacher

ER Verbs Conjugated

25 terms By jqanddq Teacher

ER Verbs French 2

59 terms By mmemeservey Teacher

Sp1 Unit 6: -er & -ir verbs

22 terms By mlbergre Teacher

French Vocab Regular ER verbs

24 terms By xjemstarx

D'Accord Unit 2A -ER Verbs French w/ Image-English for PALETTE

79 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

Er Verbs French

34 terms By kmcnamara40 Teacher

French 2 Unit 1 lesson A -er verbs present tense

15 terms By MmeAnderson Teacher

French -Er Verbs

21 terms By kidslovebasis

French -ER verbs

13 terms By prafesser Teacher

Common ER VERBS review

41 terms By msgrimmclass Teacher

ESPACES Unité 2A -ER verbs

32 terms By nathaliemcdermott Teacher

marlbmfl KS3 French Year 8 Module 1 Set 2 -er verbs, family, jobs (Vert)

40 terms By marlbmfl Teacher

-ER verb practice and pronoun definitions

54 terms By lmcleod Teacher

French ER Verbs

8 terms By MmeSilitch Teacher

French Regular -ER Verbs

31 terms By Sandvick Teacher

MYP 2 - ER Verbs (Definitions)

38 terms By mmeito Teacher

*-er verbs 7th level *extra credit* WSM

30 terms By mmekohler Teacher

Regular -er verbs (fill in the blank)

26 terms By profdefranC


40 terms By monsieurmikan Teacher