Unit 6: French regular -er verb infinitives

By slauretTEACHER
20 terms by slauretTEACHER

French -er verbs unit 6

By Olivia_Swindle
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French Verbs: Level 1 unit 6 -er

By Kaylla_Howery
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French Unit 6: Common -er Verbs

By lindsay7788
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- ER and -IR verbs (unit 6)

By momoani
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- ER and -IR verbs (unit 6)

By momoani
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French Unit 6 - Verbes Reguliers en -er

By Linnea52
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Unit 6 - Regular ER verbs

By misswhite423TEACHER
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Unit 6 -er/-ir verbs

By blanchardm7
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Girtonfrench unit 6 ER Verbs

By emilyjerwin
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Verbs -er unit 6

By SanderVerheijen
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Unit 6- ER/IR verbs

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Unit 6 -er and -ir verbs

By gillespie_stephanie
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Encore tricolore 1 unit 6 ER verbs

By gvsimpson
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RT TT1 Unit 6 Common regular "er" verbs (2)

By Burnstones
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Spanish Unit 6 "er" "ir" Verbs

By coolkidnika
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Unit 6, regular -er verbs

By Suraya246
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Girtonfrench Unit 6 ER Verb Conjugation Endings

By emilyjerwin
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Unit 6 er verbs Vocabulary

By TimGoodell
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RT TT1 Unit 6 common regular "er" verbs (1)

By Burnstones
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Y6 - Unit 6 - 6 - ER Verbs + Irregular

By kingscamTEACHER
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Y7 Unit 6 some regular er-verbs

By channingGCSE
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French III Unit 6 Les Verbes

By Mmemedina
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French 2 Unit 6 Verbs

By mclermontTEACHER
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ER Verbs French Conjugations

By Kristina_HauptmannTEACHER
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French: Unit 6 Verbs

By Hannah__Cagle
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French Regular -ER verbs

By MmeNeumannTEACHER
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French er verbs

By smblewis
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MIL Unit 6 RBE - er and -ir verbs

By ramsay_everitt
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Unit 6 preterite tense Regular -ER, -AR, -IR verbs

20 terms by JBOSS317

Y6 - Unit 6 - 5 - Present Tense Regular ER verbs

By kingscamTEACHER
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Smythe French -ER Verbs

By lsmyth2TEACHER
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French: Unit 6 verbs

By kbartlett1012
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French Verbs unit 6

By Al250543
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Tricolore 1 (Unit 6)-Regular -er verbs

By lespommes
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French ER verbs

By bsanchezjhhsTEACHER
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Common Regular -ar, -er, -ir Verbs (Unit 6)

By Rebecca_Voytilla
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French: unit 6-verbs

By Laurenjacobs6
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French -er verbs

By laguardiaDP
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ER Verbs French Conjugations

By lemonhe1
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Unit 6 French Verbs

By jodi_elizabeth19
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Spanish Unit 6- er & ir verbs

By katherine_tortorici
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French -ER verbs

By prafesserTEACHER
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French unit 6 verbs

By anonymous2572
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Er Verbs French

By MademoiselleCTEACHER
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French 6 ER verbs

By Cardullo
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French -er verbs

By madamenovakTEACHER
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French Unit 6 Verbs

By mauraahenry
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French -er verbs

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French 7: Unit 3 ER Verbs French

By Elizabethsolis0623
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