French Verb Conjugations Ir verbs, re verbs, and mettre

24 terms By Ryan_Mattera

French 2: 17 Verbs conjugated with ETRE and Question words

30 terms By madamecota Teacher

reflexive verbs conjugated Tricolore 4 Module 1D

28 terms By mrsdawes Teacher

reflexive verbs conjugated (present)

28 terms By MissBertholle Teacher

French Vocabulary Verbs -RE

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Regular French -er, -ir, -re verbs -Present, Future and Perfect tenses

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11 Reflexive Verbs conjugated eng/spanish

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U6 French Verbs - Imperfect Tense Conjugations (Imparfait)

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Regular -re verbs and prendre

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French -re Verbs

9 terms By keengli Teacher

Conjugating Regular -RE verbs

8 terms By John_Romas Teacher

reflexive verbs conjugated

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-re verbs en français

20 terms By MadameArmstrong Teacher

"-re" Verb Conjugations Mme. Orsini 7th Pd.

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French regular -re verbs (Conjugation Practice 3)

16 terms By marlwood2 Teacher

Grade 8 ER / RE verbs

41 terms By Michele_Mocellin Teacher

re verb conjugated in the present tense

9 terms By MmeSanders Teacher

RE verbs and conjugations

20 terms By jennifer_ingle Teacher

Spanish 2 - Present Tense E>IE Stem Changing Irregular Verbs (Conjugated)

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french er ir re verbs

88 terms By juliegaffney Teacher

Spanish 2 - Preterit Tense - Irregular Verbs (Conjugated)

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reflexive verbs conjugated (perfect tense)

28 terms By MissBertholle Teacher

List of French Regular -RE Verbs

13 terms By madamegrant Teacher

Futur - regular -re verbs

18 terms By jlsigman4 Teacher

C4. regular RE verbs. conjugaison.

13 terms By madame-nicolaou Teacher

French regular -re verbs (Conjugation Practice 3)

16 terms By ninaar Teacher

Bien Dit 2-Ch1 GR2- -RE Verbs

14 terms By mcharchar Teacher

Regular RE verbs

20 terms By madame-nicolaou Teacher

Present Tense -AR/ER/IR Regular Verbs conjugation

55 terms By janiceribeiro Teacher

Re verbs - vendre (conjugation)

6 terms By sruel Teacher

Fr. 2 Ch. 1 -er, -ir, and -re verbs

20 terms By drakeflock Teacher

reflexive verbs conjugated (present)

18 terms By Owen_Hanson Teacher

French Verb Conjugation

72 terms By mcgrimm

RE verbs present tense

18 terms By smww Teacher

French -re verbs set 4

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Present Tense -AR/ER/IR Regular Verbs conjugation

30 terms By senoraperry Teacher

FR1B Unité 5 - RE Verbs

8 terms By hmuck Teacher

Regular verbs -re

34 terms By Mme_Aliu Teacher

The present tense: regular -ER, -IR and -RE verbs

24 terms By stonyhurstfrench Teacher

ER-IR-RE Verbs

25 terms By MmePetersen Teacher

RE Verbs

21 terms By MadameBlanche Teacher

-RE verbs (various re verbs in conjugation)

36 terms By sruel Teacher

HMS - D'Accord Regular and Irregular -RE verbs, conjugations

37 terms By cford1328 Teacher

11. French Irregular -RE Verbs (Five groups)

20 terms By Zyugma

10. French Regular -RE Verbs

10 terms By mgarlock Teacher

reflexive verbs conjugated (present)

24 terms By kat127 Teacher

French Regular '-re' Verb Conjugation

50 terms By madamedignon Teacher

10. French Regular -RE Verbs

31 terms By dstrehlow Teacher

French Reflexive Verbs Conjugated

78 terms By laurabridgespereira Teacher

Fr 4 daily routine reflexive verbs conjugated (present) 1

28 terms By scrannell Teacher