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french verbe aller

U5 French Verbs - Aller & Venir

14 terms By abosch Teacher

French Verb: Aller

41 terms By katiemaespencer

French Verb "Aller"

6 terms By Gigglegirl5

French : verb aller

7 terms By smsmason

French verb aller=to go

10 terms By cearbhall28

French Verb - Aller (to go)

7 terms By annaguze

French Verbs Aller Avoir Ente Faire

36 terms By Cool_Guy

French Verbs - aller, avoir, être, faire

24 terms By MlleL Teacher

French Verbs (Aller, Vouloir, Pouvoir, Faire, Avoir, Être)

42 terms By clairebear123

French verb aller

6 terms By ngdonnelly20

French verb aller ( to go)

6 terms By martin-lambert

Scots French Verbs aller in the present

10 terms By aliokane

French Verbs - aller, avoir, être, faire

32 terms By lawrence_barresi

French Verb Aller (To Go)

6 terms By brittney_143

French Verbs: aller, venir, revenir, devnir, prendre, commendre, apprendre Conjugation

56 terms By lilipad520

French Verbs - Aller

9 terms By CAL1997

French Verb Aller

6 terms By kittykat4573

French verbs - Aller present tense

8 terms By PurplePotter

French verbs: aller (to go) + infinitive

18 terms By meerkat_mom

French Verbs ALLER

7 terms By jfallon5

French Verbs: aller

6 terms By KaitoDaimon

French verb aller - past tense passé composé

6 terms By captainjustice7

French Verbe "Aller"

9 terms By btaylorashbaugh231

French Verb aller

6 terms By kate1018

French Verb "Aller"

29 terms By absnyder15

French Verbs - aller, avoir, être, faire

24 terms By MlleL Teacher

French Verbs : Aller, Avoir, Etre

112 terms By Caldwellmatt

French Verb Aller Conjugation

6 terms By tracefridae

French verb Aller (To Go)

6 terms By gperry220

French Verb "Aller"

38 terms By hatandclogs

french- verb aller

12 terms By ariellaapelbaum

Main five French verbs

30 terms By madameprof Teacher

Le verbe ALLER (au négatif)

8 terms By Prof_Vincent Teacher

French Verbs -- Aller (present, future, imperfect, subjunctives, conditional)

36 terms By rotating_dog

Prepositions and Conjunctions, and the verb ALLER

28 terms By EcoleFairmount Teacher

FRENCH VERBS - Aller, Avoir, Faire

21 terms By ciaraor98

Combo with French Verbs Aller, Etre, Avoir and Faire

32 terms By MatthewSinclair

Irregular French Verbs: Aller, Avoir, Faire, Venir

35 terms By bostongirl12

French verb aller

9 terms By jackpverster

« Aller » , les expressions avec le verbe « aller » et du vocabulaire

18 terms By spcaldwell Teacher

the french verb 'aller'

8 terms By jellysharkshark

French Verb ALLER

8 terms By ash_jones

French Verb "Aller"

12 terms By 4drareg

french verbs aller

6 terms By aether324

French Verbs: aller

6 terms By jwintjes

french verb: Aller

9 terms By amariea2018

French verbs Aller

8 terms By ilove1d601

French Verb- Aller (to go)

7 terms By Edwards_mo

French verb aller - present tense

6 terms By captainjustice7

French Verb Aller

14 terms By killian0096
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