LSN aller, present, passe compose, and imparfait

By mmesusansmithTEACHER
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Fr2 U2.8 French Verbs - Passé Composé with Avoir & Être

By aboschTEACHER
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French 3 and 4 imparfait and passé composé indicator words

By kgrossoTEACHER
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U5 French Verbs - Reflexive Verbs in Passé Composé

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French passé composé with avoir verbs, plus irregulars

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French Verbs - Passé Composé with Être

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Passé Composé-être verbs (je)

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les verbes irréguliers au passé composé - french - english

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Le Passé Composé (avoir) - Regular and Irregular Verbs

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French verbs Imparfait and Passe compose

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French reflexive verbs in passé composé

By kgrossoTEACHER
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Verbes irréguliers au passé composé

By mfameniTEACHER
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Passé composé vs. Imparfait

By burleymTEACHER
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French Vocab - Verbs that use Être in Passé Composé

By aboschTEACHER
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French Passé Compose Conjugation

By NomadicAnta
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Verb "Acheter" - Indicatif présent, imparfait, passé composé

By MrsPokryfkiTEACHER
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French Passé composé être verbs- forms

By kgrossoTEACHER
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Review Le passé composé (avoir & être verbs)

52 terms by MmeSikmaTEACHER

Passé composé with avoir-Irregular verbs-

By MademoiselleCTEACHER
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Le Passé Composé avec être

By Madame_RoseTEACHER
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Passé Composé (irregular past participles)

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French Passé Composé

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passé composé: être ou avoir?

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Verb "Vouloir" = to want Indicatif présent, imparfait, passé composé

By MrsPokryfkiTEACHER
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French 2-Passe Compose-regular verbs (avoir)

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Bon Voyage - Chapitre 11 Grammar (Passé Composé - Être Verbs)

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Review 5: Dr. and Mrs. Vandertramp Verbs - Passé composé

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Passé Composé-Imparfait

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Passé Composé Irregular Verbs

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Expressions - Imparfait & Passé Composé

By lhebertTEACHER
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passé composé or imparfait?

By tomichtomichTEACHER
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French Verb Quiz - Passé Composé

By aboschTEACHER
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6-2 passé composé verbs

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Passé Composé

By MelleFarmanTEACHER
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Passé composé oder Imparfait

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Verbs to master for passé composé / imparfait part I

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NT 102: Chapitre 7, Leçon 3: Passé Composé avec avoir

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Passe Compose Etre Verbs

By FortismereFrenchTEACHER
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être passé composé

By mmejutardTEACHER
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Bien dit! French II Imparfait ou Passé Composé?

29 terms by MmeThomasTEACHER

French - Passé Composé (irregular past participles)

By triplethreat1
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Passé Composé - Avoir - irregular verbs

By MmePeterlinTEACHER
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Passé composé vs Imparfait

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passe compose with etre for er verbes

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