French Verbs + Infinitives

25 terms By Mackie_Schroeter

Les verbes - infinitives

29 terms By ann_marie_mortimer Teacher

Regular French Verb Infinitives

21 terms By Daniella_Archdekin

Spanish Verb Infinitives: escribir - perder

28 terms By Senora_Barnhouse Teacher

French Verb Infinitives 1

23 terms By Ashley-Sarah

French Verb/Infinite

195 terms By Paul_Siu

French: Verbs + Infinitive

19 terms By LaurenJVx

French Verb infinitives

22 terms By Glen_Chen

French- Verbs + infinitive/de

22 terms By emilyxflorence

French verbs/infinite

21 terms By Phan1123

French Verb Infinitives

21 terms By JustBurne

Spanish Verb Infinitives -- -AR -ER -IR with Pictures

66 terms By M_Dickson Teacher

French Verb + Infinitive

20 terms By delphcampbell

French Verbs + Infinitive

19 terms By simon_kessel

French Verbs: Infinitives E1

464 terms By realoldtom

French Verbs (Infinitive)

18 terms By price8923

French Verb/Infinite 2

18 terms By Paul_Siu

French Verbs (Infinitives)

18 terms By isabelle833

French Verbs (infinitives)

6 terms By bens917

French verbs (Infinitive)

10 terms By Ema238

French verbs (infinitive)

10 terms By mavraham

Mr Fitz: regular French -er verb (infinitives)

37 terms By ad_fitz2002 Teacher

French Verb Infinitives

17 terms By maryfrances024

***French - Verb + Infinitive

11 terms By Kira_wiggins

Spanish 2 Verb Infinitives

83 terms By KowalLaura Teacher

French Verbs: Infinitive E2

527 terms By realoldtom

french verbs+ infinitives

16 terms By Cece_Combs

verb + infinitive

28 terms By RunsWithASharpie Teacher

French verb infinitives and meanings

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French verbs in infinitive form

110 terms By MmeBraud Teacher

verb + infinitive

28 terms By Languagesandmore Teacher

French verbs + infinitive

14 terms By courtneya15

French verb infinitives

13 terms By nopaf

French verb + infinitive

13 terms By carolineef

French verbs infinitive week 2

5 terms By dougcoller

french 2 ir verb infinitives

20 terms By juliegaffney Teacher

100 French Verbs (infinitive)

100 terms By MACHAIRA_TRAN

French verbs Infinitive à+de

14 terms By Jared_Constantine

French Verbs (infinitives


50+ important German verbs (Infinitive)

50 terms By simex006 Teacher