French Vocab.- Faire

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French Vocab: Faire

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French Vocab: Faire/Avoir Expressions

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French vocab - "faire" - to do; to make

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French vocab Faire

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French vocab faire and avoir expressions

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french vocab faire part 2

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French Vocab-Epressions with Faire

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French 1 Final Vocab: Faire/Party Stuff/Life Stages

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French Vocab: Faire Les Courses

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More French Vocab - Faire et Avoir

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french 3 vocab - faire des achats

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Les expressions de faire

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Verbe: Faire

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French Vocab Chapter 5 Faire et Weather

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French vocab unit 1 (expressions with avoir, etre, faire, aller)

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French Vocab. (Faire & Avoir epress.)

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French Vocab: Comment Faire des Achats

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French Vocab (être, avoir, faire, aller)

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French Vocab (Faire)

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French Vocab Unit 2 / Faire & Avoir Phrases

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French Vocab: Conjugating Etre, Avoir, Faire, and Vouloir

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French Vocab : Faire, Jouer, and activities

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chapter 3 Pour faire des achats

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French Vocab - sports: faire/jouer

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french vocab: faire

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Year 7 French Studio 1 chapter 3 homework 4 'j'aime faire ça'

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French Vocab Faire, Vocab Supplémentaire, et fréquance.

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Faire Chapter 3

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French vocab: faire des achats

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Chapter 3 (Pour faire des achats)

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French Vocab- Avoir and Faire

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French vocab: Expressions with faire

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French Vocab " Faire des achats"

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French Vocab-(faire&jouer)

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French vocab-- faire des achats

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French Vocab - Comment faire des achats

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French Vocab 2: Expressions avec <<faire>>

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Vocab, faire, and weather words

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French vocab -- Faire expressions

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Comment Faire des Achats French Vocab

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French Vocab - Faire

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French vocab faire, jouer

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LANG - J'aime faire

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verb Faire (French vocab.)

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French Vocab Faire

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SAT II French Vocab- Faire les courses

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(french 1 vocab) faire

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