main irregular verbs french

38 terms By nicolas_lapoujade TEACHER

Spanish 2 - Present Tense Irregular Verbs

45 terms By ashliekmiller TEACHER

Irregular Verbs past participle (French)

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French 1 Irregular Verbs

54 terms By mmegrichardson TEACHER

VI2 French: Present tense - irregular verbs

50 terms By syruso TEACHER

French IV Essential Irregular Verbs

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Spanish 1 - Irregular Verbs - Conjugated

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Irregular Verbs (1-81) : French / English

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Spanish 2 - Preterit Tense - Irregular Verbs (Conjugated)

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Spanish 2 - Imperfect Tense - Irregular Verbs

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Past Simple irregular verbs

18 terms By studiumalma TEACHER

French irregular verbs present tense

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IRREGULAR VERBS( Present, past, past participle)

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Irregular Verbs/ Mme Lott

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Irregular verbs in past

48 terms By Anochebuena TEACHER

Irregular verbs upper-intermediate

91 terms By Domi_Lingua TEACHER

Irregular Verbs

82 terms By englishbuddy TEACHER

Past Simple & Past Participle of Irregular verb set #3

25 terms By reynaalonzo TEACHER

Regular and Irregular Verbs

20 terms By GEVocab TEACHER

Irregular Verbs

44 terms By MadameLovejoy TEACHER

ESL: Common Irregular Verbs

28 terms By Kristina_Shepard4 TEACHER

French Vocab - Irregular -ir Verbs

56 terms By David_Tanna

Irregular verbs

65 terms By telcuk_teachers TEACHER

VOCAB: IRREGULAR verbs meanings

24 terms By MadameDaunt

Intrigue - 1st semester Irregular Verbs

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French Irregular Verbs

81 terms By kldvl

Common English irregular verbs

26 terms By elipk21 TEACHER

Irregular verbs (very easy)

68 terms By emteedee TEACHER

L6-1(るverbs & Irregular verbs)

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Irregular verbs conjugation/preterite tense

45 terms By sshabana TEACHER

Practica: Italian Irregular Verbs: Present Tense

47 terms By amgutter TEACHER

irregular verbs

60 terms By mmescheaffer TEACHER

Madame Z Subjunctive of irregular verbs

57 terms By MadameZFrench TEACHER

Irregular verbs ENG - meaning/translation

87 terms By TanikaKenens TEACHER

Four key irregular verbs-French FKIVF

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French I - Irregular Verbs

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