Faire Conjugation

7 terms By aronsa

French 1 Unit 2-faire conjugation

9 terms By Dutton-HHS Teacher

French Vocabulaire: Faire la Toilette

61 terms By lisa_smart2509

Faire - conjugation wsmc

9 terms By mmekohler Teacher

Faire - conjugations

13 terms By kcfr Teacher

French Chapitre 5 Faire conjugation practice

12 terms By drlandry Teacher

French Vocabulaire- faire+ others

22 terms By carolyn_ge

FAIRE conjugation/Weather Expressions

27 terms By KathrynKroszner Teacher

Jouer and Faire conjugations

10 terms By lmcleod Teacher

Faire Conjugations

9 terms By aronsa

Faire Conjugation

8 terms By omar_barakat3

FAIRE conjugations all tenses

36 terms By Lanore

faire conjugation

7 terms By CSHS-French Teacher

Faire conjugations

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faire conjugation

27 terms By jvcjuly1979

French 8 Faire Conjugation

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FRENCH: Faire Conjugation

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"Faire" conjugation

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Pouvoir, Devoir, Vouloir, Venir, Prendre, Faire Conjugation

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Faire Conjugation

6 terms By Wiz247

French II Final: Faire Conjugation and Expressions

32 terms By helenqueso

Faire Conjugation

9 terms By CassidyMinnis

Faire Conjugations

9 terms By aronsa

French Faire Conjugation

10 terms By Grace-K-Carlson

French Vocabulaire Conjugation

42 terms By edelafose100

French 1 Unit 3 avoir and faire conjugations

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FAIRE - conjugation

66 terms By Jackland

FRENCH 2: Faire Conjugations

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Faire Conjugations

25 terms By bwgeorge7

Faire conjugation - ACS French

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Faire Conjugation

7 terms By feuer99

Vocabulaire - Faire Idiomatic Expressions

35 terms By anna_johnston18

Faire Conjugations

42 terms By georgieporgie

"Jouer" and "Faire" Conjugations/Prepositions

21 terms By Piper0Halliwell

"faire" conjugation

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French- Etre, Avoir, Faire, Conjugations, and er verbs.

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French Faire Conjugations

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Faire - Conjugation

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french seasons, weather, and faire conjugations

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French - 'Faire' conjugations

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French- Faire conjugation

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faire conjugated

10 terms By zandayarichman

French 2- Final- Causative Faire/conjugation of verbs/ L'imperatif

16 terms By cberlin5157

Faire conjugation

8 terms By glamy

Aller & Faire (conjugation)

14 terms By Michasofia

Aller, Jouer and Faire conjugated to english

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French Verbs - Faire Conjugated

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Faire Conjugation

6 terms By madamecota

Faire - Conjugation

32 terms By allimarie23

French Faire Conjugation and Phrases

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