Quizlet 1: French Personality Adjectives w/ IMAGES

36 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

Quizlet 1: French Family w/ IMAGES

20 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

Quizlet 2: French Clothes & IMAGES!!!

31 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

French Vocabulary Verbs - IR

36 terms By avenir1961 Teacher

French Vocabulary Verbs -ER

156 terms By avenir1961 Teacher

Halloween French vocabulary

40 terms By frenchetc

Essential French Vocabulary

408 terms By opensourceAJ

Basic French Vocabulary - Clothes

55 terms By i_love_languages_19

FOODS: French vocabulary

52 terms By kat127 Teacher

Basic French Vocabulary - Around the House

63 terms By i_love_languages_19

U5 French Vocab - Body

41 terms By abosch Teacher

U6 French Verbs - Imperfect Tense Conjugations (Imparfait)

45 terms By abosch Teacher

The Weather - Using French Vocabulary

148 terms By stuart_howard Teacher

Fr2 U2.8 French Verbs - Passé Composé with Avoir & Être

65 terms By abosch Teacher

French Vocabulary List NCEA Level 1 [R Words]

38 terms By sghsfrench101

French Vocabulary List NCEA Level 2 [All Words]

311 terms By thetasmainiandevil

Politics and International Relations - Using French Vocabulary

550 terms By stuart_howard Teacher

Remove French vocabulary list 4: Leisure activities

41 terms By syruso Teacher

Common French Nouns

411 terms By opensourceAJ

French Vocabulary List NCEA Level 1 [N-Z Words]

371 terms By sghsfrench101

Literature and Literary Criticism - Using French Vocabulary

178 terms By stuart_howard Teacher

French Vocabulary List NCEA Level 1 [A-M Words]

579 terms By sghsfrench101

U5 French Verbs - Reflexive Verbs in Present

108 terms By abosch Teacher

GCSE French Vocabulary - 2nd 100 words - High Frequency Words 1

100 terms By eddiekayshun Teacher

U5 French Vocab - Daily Routine

32 terms By abosch Teacher

Leisure - Using French Vocabulary

228 terms By stuart_howard Teacher

Useful French Idioms

110 terms By meriels

Une Carte Postale de Damien

37 terms By mjdangremond

natural disasters - French vocabulary

20 terms By frenchetc

french vocabulary, classroom objects

43 terms By narcisoi

Une carte de postage de Damien

33 terms By kaitlyngrohs

EXPLO - French Vocabulary

13 terms By KDavidBeal Teacher

Une Carte postale de Damien (Vocabulaire 2)

33 terms By cartercooper18

GCSE Higher French Vocabulary

169 terms By AmyRB

Year 10 French vocabulary: Ma ville

14 terms By HallamCoLA Teacher

French 3 (Chapter 1.2-Une carte postale de Damien)

31 terms By AlyssaNolan2France

Office French Vocabulary

20 terms By frenchetc

Places in the school - French vocabulary

18 terms By misswheels

Chapitre 1, Vocabulaire 2: Une carte postale de Damien

38 terms By Greenmoose111

Une Carte Postale de Damien (Chapitre 1, Vocabulaire 2)

25 terms By cartercooper18

Year 11 French vocabulary: La santé 2

42 terms By HallamCoLA Teacher

French vocabulary- La vie familiale

39 terms By hevsxoxo

une carte postale de Damien

20 terms By skriddle

French Vocabulary

47 terms By Sean_Trainotti

French Vocabulary: Transportation

19 terms By yules_mali

Year 10 French vocabulary: Où j'habite

18 terms By HallamCoLA Teacher

Thanksgiving - French Vocabulary

60 terms By classedefrancais Teacher

French Vocabulary #1

28 terms By Harrison_Hoge

Unit 2 - Grade 9 French Vocabulary - Cris et Frissons

39 terms By Hashir2014

French Vocabulary: Places to Go

31 terms By yules_mali