regular "er"verbs and likes and dislikes

53 terms By ralapic Teacher

french er verb endings

32 terms By juliegaffney Teacher

French Vocabulary Verbs -ER

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French regular -er verbs in passe compose

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Regular -er verbs

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French -ER verb endings

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Vocabulary : Verbs ending in -er.

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French verbs ending in -er

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Common regular -er French verbs

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Leçon 7A&B -ER Verb Endings (pages 94 & 96)

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-AR/ER/IR Verb Ending Practice

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Regular -ER verbs

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French regular verb endings mix

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Spanish ar er ir regular verb endings

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Regular ER French verbs

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French regular -er verbs (Conjugation Practice 1)

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French Regular -ER Verbs

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Regular AR/ER/IR preterite verb endings

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Regular -er verbs

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Regular "-er" verbs INFINITIVE

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Regular Preterite Verb Endings

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Regular -er verbs (fill in the blank)

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Regular ER verbs Practice

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FRENCH 1 -er verb endings

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French regular -er verbs

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Conjugating Regular -ER Verbs in French

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a list of regular -er ending verbs (form page 157)

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French Vocab Regular ER verbs

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parler/ regular er verbe endings

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Regular -ER, -IR Verb Endings in Present Tense

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Futur - regular -er verbs

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Present tense of regular "-er" verbs

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Common Regular -er Verbs in French

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French regular -er verbs (Conjugation Practice 1)

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Regular ER verbs for French 1

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Verb Ending Practice (Optional)

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