GCSE French vocabulary- technologie

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Chloe family French

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The Verb 'Ouvrir' [French]

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French Vocab- 26th November

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French revision for test

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Cardinal Numbers 0-50 (French)

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-er Verbs

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(Est-ce que) Q & A

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Possessive Adjectives

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Le Vêtements feminine

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The Likes

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Expression of Quantity

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French - Food

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Les Vêtements Masc

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french presentation3

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Idiomatic expression with avoir

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FRENCH: verbs and prepositions

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French-In Paris

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French Unit 5

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avoir and aller (present tense)

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savoir - to know

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douvoir -to be able to

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vouloir - to want

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devoir - must

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French Unit 4

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French Unit 3

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Family French Terms - Remy Castan

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Canada Quiz🇨🇦

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French words

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French Unit 2

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French Origin Words

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5th Grade Social Studies Lesson 4 The French & the Dutch Summary and Vocabulary

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French unit #3 "s"

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French Shops

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Question words

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french psalm

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Reflexive verbs

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French Sports

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Mémo photos 1

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French Study 7

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Demonstrastive adjectives

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unit 12 and 13 vocab French

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French: Reflective verbs + Imperative

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En classe ( French 2 Textbook)

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