french vocab page 43

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French 122 Ch. 6 Verb Conjugations

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🐾French{vocab (activities in good weather)}

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French Family Vocab

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french u3Lb

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Vocab liste 5

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🐾French{vocab (when online)}

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History Test Enlightenment, American and French Revolution

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French O'Cathain

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French Speaking Unité 1-7

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reflexive verbs

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Les VĂȘtements

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Irregular Present Participle (Gerund)

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Le Tic Page 2 Vocab

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French Vocab

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Conjugaisons de Verbe: Manger

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French 3-3

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French - Verb - aller; to go (Irregular)

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Time phrases

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Adverbs of frequency (French)

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French - Where places are

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Chapter 2

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French housework

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subjunctive expressions

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History: The French Revolution

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French vocab ch.9

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French 1C

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AP French ch 3 vocab

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adjective endings (masculine to feminine)

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French Unit 6 Verbs

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French - Directions

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ch5- les voyages

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Aller- to go

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French 2 Unité 3 Leçon B Vocabulaire

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Avoir -to have

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interrogative adj. quel

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Le cinéma et la télévision

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French Vocab Ch 9

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French Irregular Verbs 10/6/15

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French Vocab Unit 2

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French Chapter 1

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World History- French Revolution Test

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