French Physical Descriptions

33 terms By danmbrooks

French alphabet

26 terms By akjoseph44 TEACHER

French Numbers 1 to 10

10 terms By Winterflood TEACHER

French : Colors

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le corps: French Body Parts

37 terms By MlleAbby

French Numbers 1-100

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French Sports & Activities w/ IMAGES!!!!

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IB French: santé - le tabac

34 terms By cathybeyers TEACHER

Family Members in French

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French Numbers 1-30

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Discovering French Nouveau Bleu-Lesson 4C-Weather

21 terms By madameevans TEACHER

French Numbers (1-30)

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U8 French Vocab - Vacation, Travel & Camping

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Lesson 7 - Discovering French Nouveau Bleu

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36 terms By amelie285

Lesson 6 - Discovering French Nouveau Bleu

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IB French: immigration - Le racisme

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French GCSE Past Paper Vocabulary

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Nations and Nationalities in French

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Lesson 9 - Discovering French Nouveau Bleu

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French 2 ir verbs present past future

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French Adjectives GCSE Edexcel

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French Verbs GCSE Edexcel

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Discovering French Blanc Unité 4 Leçon 14

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10 terms By oet10 TEACHER

French Verb Quiz - Imparfait

470 terms By abosch TEACHER

Discovering French Nouveau Bleu-Lesson 4A-Time

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Discovering French Nouveau Bleu - Leçon 10

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French: Jobs

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French Greetings

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French Weather Terms

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Discovering French Blanc, Unité 3, Leçon 9 Vocabulary

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French Verb Quiz - Présent Indicatif

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Discovering French Blanc Leçon 10

24 terms By MadameHHS TEACHER

French prepositions

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Common irregular French verbs (conjugation practice)

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Beginner French - expressions etc.

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French numbers to 100

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French 1 unit1 lesson1

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French adjectives to describe personality

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U5 French Vocab - Body

41 terms By abosch TEACHER

French imparfait - verb list

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French: Days, Months, Seasons

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French 1 - March words

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