French verbs-2

40 terms By frenchetc

First 50 French Words

50 terms By kcjackson19 Teacher

French Family Vocabulary

38 terms By jporvin Teacher

French numbers 1-60

61 terms By kepaul Teacher

French adjectives 1

58 terms By kaliya Teacher

U5 French Vocab - Body

41 terms By abosch Teacher

French: Days, Months, Seasons

36 terms By TheRenaissanceGirl Teacher

U6 French Vocab - House

67 terms By abosch Teacher

French alphabet

26 terms By akjoseph44 Teacher

Discovering French Blanc Unité 5 Leçon 19 and Leçon 20

26 terms By MadameJenks Teacher

french numbers 0-30

31 terms By sraduarte Teacher

Family Members in French

30 terms By clasergirl Teacher

French Numbers 1-30

30 terms By romig_k Teacher

French: Family Members

30 terms By TheRenaissanceGirl Teacher

French clothing

28 terms By kat127 Teacher

French: Food

207 terms By TheRenaissanceGirl Teacher

Clock Time in French

30 terms By Sandvick Teacher

IB French: santé - l'alcool

36 terms By cathybeyers Teacher

Lesson 7 - Discovering French Nouveau Bleu

41 terms By madameevans Teacher

French GCSE vocab Edexcel Nov 2015

36 terms By MmeMakin Teacher

l'ordre public AQA A2 French

105 terms By MissMBennett Teacher

Beginner French - expressions etc.

17 terms By mmecowley Teacher

French professions wsm

150 terms By mmekohler Teacher

200 first French verbs

200 terms By frenchetc

Clothing- French

43 terms By cecilemarie

French 2: Les verbes #2 (Infinitif)

33 terms By madamecota

French Verb Quiz - Présent Indicatif

470 terms By abosch Teacher

GCSE French Spec: p.1 Comparisons (General)

20 terms By mrsdawes Teacher

Fr2 U3.9 French Vocab - Food & Mealtime

99 terms By abosch Teacher

French 1 Verbs

168 terms By marthathompson Teacher

Quizlet 2: French Family

24 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

French I bien dit 1 chapter 6-1 vocabulary

43 terms By kgrosso Teacher

French 2 Bien dit 2 chapter 3-1 vocabulary

52 terms By kgrosso Teacher

French Nouns (masculine/feminine)

158 terms By learnthosewords

French Days and Months

23 terms By leprofnc Teacher

Discovering French Bleu Nouveau, Unit 5 (Part 2)

72 terms By madamermwood Teacher

French Verbs - Verbes Irréguliers (présent)

154 terms By abosch Teacher

FRENCH Months of the Year

12 terms By ksevert02 Teacher

French numbers 0-1000

114 terms By kepaul Teacher