Emotions in French

30 terms By frenchetc

French professions wsm

150 terms By mmekohler Teacher

French Questions Words

10 terms By mmepandya Teacher

French numbers practice

20 terms By frenchetc

French 1 Chapitre 1

44 terms By iceskater7

French 4 unit 7 clothing

70 terms By frackiewicz Teacher

Numbers in French

117 terms By JWoolum Teacher

U9 French Verbs - Subjunctive

159 terms By abosch Teacher

Essential French Vocabulary

408 terms By opensourceAJ

French Numbers

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French adjectives - List

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French Body parts

22 terms By OCSFrench

French School Subjects

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French 1 - School Subjects

22 terms By avenir1961 Teacher

French GCSE vocab Edexcel

36 terms By MmeMakin Teacher

French Time

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Winsor French III 201516 Faisons les courses!

78 terms By Laura_Houlette Teacher

French Foods

73 terms By CandyCrop

French level 1 January words

82 terms By frackiewicz Teacher

French numbers 0-100

101 terms By frenchetc

Integration AQA A2 French

92 terms By MissMBennett Teacher

100 most common French words

100 terms By SASFrenchteacher Teacher

French Body Parts

60 terms By frenchetc

French: Jobs

35 terms By TheRenaissanceGirl Teacher

U5 French Verbs - Reflexive Verbs in Present

108 terms By abosch Teacher

Discovering French Nouveau Bleu-Lesson 5-Mes Activités

42 terms By madameevans Teacher

Science and Technology AQA A2 French

86 terms By MissMBennett Teacher

Colors in French

12 terms By MmeMancuso Teacher

U7 French Vocab - Cardinal Numbers 1 to 1 000 000

81 terms By abosch Teacher


35 terms By Anne_Waltz Teacher

wealth and poverty AQA A2 French

100 terms By MissMBennett Teacher

French Verb Conjugation

72 terms By mcgrimm

French Places

30 terms By swbell Teacher

French Objects

29 terms By skibones

French Greetings

27 terms By Kayty

French Glossary

387 terms By opensourceAJ

French Fruits

26 terms By chloe_gregory

Discovering French Nouveau Bleu: Lesson 6 Vocab

34 terms By fayekoss Teacher

French Numbers 0-60

34 terms By Elle1066 Teacher

Common irregular French verbs (conjugation practice)

180 terms By jennifer_w_crespin Teacher

French Numbers 1-100

116 terms By emma-roma14

French numbers

10 terms By henryblackford Teacher

Discovering French Nouveau Bleu-Lesson 4A-Time

22 terms By madameevans Teacher

French Food French 2 Honors

98 terms By Daniel_Webber

past participles in French

85 terms By frenchetc

Most Common French Phrases

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Discovering French Rouge: Unite 3-1

52 terms By ksierra

Cambridge IGCSE French - General vocabulary / Time expressions

106 terms By AbingdonFrench Teacher

French Vocab Test 3

152 terms By thecowgoesmoo

Breaking the French Barrier - Leçon Un Vocab

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