French Conjugation - To Be

37 terms By fleurserriere TEACHER

French adjectives 1

58 terms By kaliya TEACHER

GCSE AQA French Work

50 terms By FrauWalters TEACHER

FOODS: French vocabulary

54 terms By kat127 TEACHER

French 4 - house, furniture

46 terms By frackiewicz TEACHER

First 50 French Words

50 terms By kcjackson19 TEACHER

French numbers 1-60

61 terms By kepaul TEACHER

Basic French Greetings

43 terms By jennifer_w_crespin TEACHER

U6 French Vocab - House

67 terms By abosch TEACHER

French alphabet

26 terms By gfbate TEACHER

Colors in French

12 terms By MmeMancuso TEACHER

reflexive verbs French 3,4

33 terms By dbryant52 TEACHER

French Numbers 0-35

36 terms By MmeMancuso TEACHER

French - Personal Appearance

36 terms By MrPaterson TEACHER

French 2: Les verbes #2 (Infinitif)

33 terms By madamecota

GCSE AQA French School

99 terms By FrauWalters TEACHER

french numbers 0-30

31 terms By sraduarte TEACHER

French Questions Words

10 terms By mmepandya TEACHER

Lesson 8 - Discovering French Nouveau Bleu

26 terms By madameevans TEACHER

How to say French numbers 1-100

100 terms By jcb16

50 Most Common French Verbs

50 terms By Mr_Romas TEACHER

French: Food

207 terms By TheRenaissanceGirl TEACHER

U5 French Vocab - Places & Directions

51 terms By abosch TEACHER

Basic french phrases and conjucation

60 terms By screer TEACHER

GCSE AQA French Home Higher

41 terms By FrauWalters TEACHER

Common French Phrases when traveling

47 terms By MadameParkinson TEACHER

NCEA Level 1 French- Travel

67 terms By MsHemmings TEACHER

French: Family Members

30 terms By TheRenaissanceGirl TEACHER

French tense practice

30 terms By astefanik1 TEACHER

Clock Time in French

30 terms By Sandvick TEACHER

French 4 unit 7 clothing

70 terms By frackiewicz TEACHER

French numbers 0-1000

114 terms By kepaul TEACHER

FRENCH Months of the Year

12 terms By ksevert02 TEACHER

GCSE AQA French Health Higher

71 terms By FrauWalters TEACHER

Mots pour Questions: French Question Words

15 terms By Prof_Mitz TEACHER

IB French: santé - le tabac expressions

15 terms By cathybeyers TEACHER

GCSE AQA French General 2

74 terms By FrauWalters TEACHER

French - Conjugation of Regular Verbs

74 terms By dpfonten1976 TEACHER

GCSE AQA French General 4

78 terms By FrauWalters TEACHER

AS French Essay Writing Phrases

78 terms By ladiescollegemfl TEACHER

Thirsk School French GCSE speaking 1

67 terms By Thirskschool

French : Colors

12 terms By MrsPokryfki TEACHER

Most Common French Phrases

234 terms By make7

French level 1 January words

82 terms By frackiewicz TEACHER


28 terms By larsonmadame TEACHER

French 1 Story words 09

85 terms By frackiewicz TEACHER

GCSE AQA French General 6

87 terms By FrauWalters TEACHER

Clothing- French

43 terms By cecilemarie