French 1-10

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French 002: Ch 7

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Weather + additional content

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French terms set 1

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French Chp. 1 Vocab

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Les Noms 1: l'école

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Episode 235 [b]

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French Days and Months

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Landry French II How to tell time

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French -re verbs

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French 203 Chapter 1 - Les études

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Unit 1.A.2: Practice for quiz on Basic French greetings and introductions

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Random words #1

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Articles in French

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Places in town

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La maison

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V 1.1

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French 4H - Verb Expressions

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French weather

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Passé Simple (Troisième Livre)

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Other phrases for is

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French colors

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unit one french 1-3

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T'es branché? Level 3 Unité 1, Leçon A

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French III- Unit 1, Lesson 4: La Condition Physique et les Sentiments

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V BV.1

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Jacobs 3 or 4 regular verb vocabulary

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French 2

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French 2 Expressions

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French Vocab 105

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Bon Voyage! Level 1 Chapter 12 Vocab + Some More

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French quiz 1

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Bon Voyage Level 1 Chapter 11

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Choice of Past Tenses

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French Names(Animals)

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French 1

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French Chapter 1

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Episode 235 [a]

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3.0 Discovering French Leçon 3A: Bon appétit!

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SAAS, French I, TEB Chapter 1, Numbers

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French La Salle de Classe

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Past Participles of Common Irregular Verbs

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French 3 Vocab P. 52

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French Sports and stuff

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French Colours

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Bathroom In French

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French Lesson B

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