100 most common French words

100 terms By SASFrenchteacher TEACHER

French Geography Facts

68 terms By actuohy TEACHER

French professions wsm

150 terms By mmekohler TEACHER

GCSE AQA French Work Higher

31 terms By FrauWalters TEACHER

French Vegetables

17 terms By jessicatgs TEACHER

French Vocabulary Verbs -ER

156 terms By avenir1961 TEACHER

U9 French Verbs - Subjunctive

159 terms By abosch TEACHER

GCSE AQA French Relationships Higher

110 terms By FrauWalters TEACHER

Discovering French Blanc, Unité 4, Leçon 13

62 terms By MadameJenks TEACHER

U1 Leçon 1 - Basic French Communication

55 terms By abosch TEACHER

French GCSE vocab Edexcel Nov 2015

36 terms By MmeMakin TEACHER

Essential French Verbs (#1-45) - Infinitive

45 terms By nbellitti TEACHER

Discovering French Rouge, Unit 5 (Part 2)

48 terms By madamermwood TEACHER

Must-know French past tense verbs

48 terms By stephenm TEACHER

French AQA GCSE Listening - June 2013

68 terms By MissPriceMFL TEACHER

French time phrases

25 terms By mrverney TEACHER

french verbs - with images

30 terms By vdupuy TEACHER

French 1 Verbs

168 terms By marthathompson TEACHER

French Classroom

6 terms By johndemler TEACHER

Discovering French Nouveau Bleu - Lesson 3C L'Euro

16 terms By madameevans TEACHER

Lesson 2B-Discovering French Nouveau Bleu

22 terms By madameevans TEACHER

Quizlet 2: French Family

24 terms By MmeThomas TEACHER

High Frequency IB French SL Words

79 terms By mmesusansmith TEACHER

NCEA Level 1 French- Holidays

40 terms By MsHemmings TEACHER


130 terms By APowles TEACHER

Fr2 U2.6 French Vocab - Time Expressions

33 terms By abosch TEACHER


21 terms By ViktorViktor

French Days and Months

23 terms By laprofnc TEACHER

French Basic Expressions

25 terms By Natalie_Poskey TEACHER

Fr2 U3.9 French Vocab - Food & Mealtime

99 terms By abosch TEACHER

French 1 - School Subjects

22 terms By avenir1961 TEACHER

Top 100 French Daily Warm-Up

100 terms By MmeThomas TEACHER

French Numbers 1 to 100 with pictures

100 terms By Winterflood TEACHER

French Verbs - Passé Composé with Être

101 terms By abosch TEACHER

French Vocab - Infotechnologie

69 terms By abosch TEACHER

French Prepositions

14 terms By lzerr TEACHER

French Verbs - Verbes Irréguliers (présent)

154 terms By abosch TEACHER

U5 French Verbs - Reflexive Verbs in Present

108 terms By abosch TEACHER

Discovering French Bleu Nouveau, Unit 6 (Part 2)

48 terms By madamermwood TEACHER

French 2 Bien dit 2 chapter 3-1 vocabulary

52 terms By kgrosso TEACHER

French Irregular Verb Conjugations

225 terms By DivineEquine TEACHER

French I bien dit 1 chapter 6-1 vocabulary

43 terms By kgrosso TEACHER