School Supplies French Vocab

25 terms By AndrewKizzia

French Body Parts

37 terms By Deetimes20

Bien Dit! French 1 Chapter 1 Vocabulaire 2

33 terms By littlefeathers

French conjugation - random - Level 1

10 terms By frenchetc

French Animals

18 terms By evergirl01

French body Parts

23 terms By Mademoiselle-Gabrielle1

French IR Verbs

15 terms By apanitz


27 terms By GoJoe

Classroom objects in French

28 terms By MmeOgeron Teacher


28 terms By larsonmadame Teacher

French 8 Pharmacy Vocabulary

21 terms By Ksalmon2000

French - Imperfect (Big Test)

100 terms By GBF33

French Numbers 0-100

101 terms By crystelclear1104

French Descriptive Adjectives D'accord Leçon 3A

49 terms By bluerosestain

FRENCH Prepositions

13 terms By teachersteph Teacher

Discovering French Rouge: Unite 3-2 (2)

48 terms By ksierra

Must-know French past tense verbs

48 terms By stephenm Teacher

French Geography

21 terms By usamimi74 Teacher


86 terms By gbr0 Teacher


2 terms By Rega_Velinda Teacher

French AS - La publicité - Part 2

30 terms By mrverney Teacher

IB Learner Profile French-English

18 terms By maryse_peressin-hay Teacher

French numbers 1-50

50 terms By globman214


24 terms By robertberrios Teacher

French Months and days of Week

38 terms By Mademoiselle-Gabrielle1

French Alphabet

26 terms By fernielearnie

French Colors

13 terms By TEAMLoYD Teacher

French everything: to learn french

1,315 terms By tre_ford


25 terms By skyracing02


218 terms By juliroze Teacher

devoir-to have to-should-French conditional

10 terms By frenchetc

French Activities

25 terms By Nyla_G

Discovering French Rouge 2-2

118 terms By ksierra

French family members

25 terms By ckhendersn

French rocks 2

21 terms By MadameSilverman Teacher

Discovering French Nouveau Bleu 1 Unit 2 Leçon 3a

23 terms By greendude33


20 terms By Ashley_Miller_1234

AP French Vocab Quiz 1

102 terms By romani14

Discovering French Rouge: Unite 1-2

26 terms By ksierra

french 2 ir verb infinitives

20 terms By juliegaffney Teacher

French 1 bien dit CH 7.1 vocab

30 terms By verby

IB French 4/5 Les Loisirs

61 terms By mmesusansmith Teacher

Les salutations en français-Greetings in French

17 terms By madamethomas-k12 Teacher

Discovering French Nouveau Bleu lesson 11 adjective vocab

31 terms By fayekoss Teacher

Numbers in French

117 terms By JWoolum Teacher

French Adjectives for Level 1 Reveiw test

72 terms By singer13

French Time

28 terms By hazardandy


15 terms By David_Kilgore7

Discovering French Blanc Nouveau! Unité 1, Leçon 1 Vocabulary

102 terms By reysquared1012


145 terms By ctwoods