legumes fruits

By Marie_SeifTEACHER
29 terms by Marie_SeifTEACHER

Les Fruits Les Legumes

By Ximenaaacoosta
31 terms by Ximenaaacoosta

les legumes/ les fruits

By missmarka
22 terms by missmarka

Les legumes, Fruits

By Pinki_Prime
22 terms by Pinki_Prime

les legumes les fruits

By Alhassan_Mohamed
36 terms by Alhassan_Mohamed

les legumes & fruits

By karenperez83
23 terms by karenperez83

Les Fruits/Les Legumes

By allisonmaestewartTEACHER
58 terms by allisonmaestewartTEACHER

Les fruits et les legumes

By Charlotte_Siarri
30 terms by Charlotte_Siarri

Les fruits et les légumes

By junderwoTEACHER
45 terms by junderwoTEACHER

Les fruits et les legumes (Fruits & Vegetables)

43 terms by FrenchatCHMSTEACHER

Les fruits et les légumes

By madamemontgomery
25 terms by madamemontgomery

Les fruits et légumes

By myriamweberTEACHER
10 terms by myriamweberTEACHER

Legumes & fruits

By Emelie_Montoya
10 terms by Emelie_Montoya

Les fruits & les légumes

38 terms by MGMfrenchTEACHER

Fruits & Legumes

By RachelBaumschonb
34 terms by RachelBaumschonb

Fruits legumes

By ophelie_pitou
38 terms by ophelie_pitou

legumes + fruits

By Skylar_Jones51
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fruits & legumes

By jm8aa
15 terms by jm8aa

fruits \ legumes

By marvelousMeri123
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Fruits and legumes

By Zhou_Jack
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Les fruits et les légumes

By MlleCuchanskiTEACHER
17 terms by MlleCuchanskiTEACHER

legumes and fruits

By anniedamaro19
25 terms by anniedamaro19

Fruits and Legumes

By VironThomas
64 terms by VironThomas

Les fruits and Les lègumes

By matthewsi
37 terms by matthewsi

Les fruits and les légumes

By Griff_Jones
34 terms by Griff_Jones

les fruits and les légumes

By lydiadenniston
35 terms by lydiadenniston

Les fruits and les légumes

By emilygardner7967
36 terms by emilygardner7967

Les fruits and les légumes

By anna_banana_18
36 terms by anna_banana_18

Les Legumes + Les Fruits = vegetables + fruit

By E_Green1
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By loren_descloux
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By lesya_ovchinnikova
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By vale_garreton
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LES FRUITS ET LES LEGUMES - fruit and vegetables

27 terms by FrancaisCETEACHER

Les fruits et légumes

23 terms by MmeFrenchTEACHER

les fruits et légumes

By Sabrina_Alain
38 terms by Sabrina_Alain

Les fruits & légumes

By Sol_cb
38 terms by Sol_cb

fruits et legumes

By lesabr
19 terms by lesabr

Fruits et legumes

By ProfesseurLinda
30 terms by ProfesseurLinda

Les fruits et les legumes (Fruits & Vegetables)

By greatADA
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Les fruits et légumes

By kabob1
34 terms by kabob1

Fruits et Legumes

By elizabethbalge
36 terms by elizabethbalge

Les Fruites/ Legumes

15 terms by AISSATA_SOW

Legumes/ fruit

By elsa_fastrup
52 terms by elsa_fastrup

Les fruits et les legumes (Fruits & Vegetables)

By MonsieurL-FS8
43 terms by MonsieurL-FS8

fruits et légumes

By montluc
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Les fruits et les legumes (Fruits & Vegetables)

By MadameFarrar2015
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fruits et légumes (images)

By MonsieurJonesTEACHER
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Les fruits et légumes

By ctiradoTEACHER
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lles fruits et les legumes

By robles45
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Les fruits & légumes

By Anne244
30 terms by Anne244