les fruits, les légumes et la viande

28 terms By strawberryicecreamsundae

French Food: Au marché: Les fruits et les légumes (this is the longest one, kids!)

23 terms By Meadows_French Teacher

French 2 Les fruits, les légumes, la viande

29 terms By senoramadame Teacher

Fruits - Les Fruits (Reduced List)

14 terms By ljafrench Teacher

French Food groups and fruits and vegatables

24 terms By bcilluffo Teacher

French Vocab: Fruits (Les Fruits)

23 terms By AnulHda

French foods

50 terms By egrosvenor

French fruit les fruits

15 terms By SMJlearning Teacher

French Food Vocab

57 terms By s56u

Fruits/Les fruits

28 terms By linguanaute

French Food

55 terms By studyingskills

Fruits - Les Fruits

23 terms By ljafrench Teacher

French 2 Les fruits, les légumes, la viande

28 terms By cecilelaine

French Food

22 terms By mrproulx

VOC Les Fruits, Les Légumes, La Viande

65 terms By Madame-M Teacher

Les fruits, les jardinages et les récoltes

56 terms By mdaigr6

French Food Quiz: Les fruits

17 terms By ariel_neyman

Les Fruits, Lés legumes

52 terms By azula_mff

00 rv crash french food fruit vegetable

20 terms By SrVincent Teacher

Vocab #6: La Nourriture: la viande, les produits laitiers, les fruits, les légumes

61 terms By Kelly_Schumann

French Food Vocab

76 terms By bluerosestain

French Fruits (Les fruits)

35 terms By AquariusBirdkid

FRENCH FOODS (Fruit & Desserts)

21 terms By aok648

Les Fruit/Les Légumes/La Viande et Le Poisson

57 terms By ShyEmeraldAngel

French Food Words: Fruits and Vegetables

10 terms By Rose375

French Food Vocabulary

53 terms By contrilios

French Food Vocabulary

42 terms By thecpierron

French food (fruit)

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Les boissons, les fruits, les légumes, et au restaurant

158 terms By elise_miles

French Food Vocab

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French Foods, Fruits, and Vegetables

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French Fruits- Les Fruits

40 terms By nina_ceklic

French - food (fruit)

16 terms By Emillie-Messer

French 2H - les fruits / les légumes

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French Food: A la boucherie, à la poissonerie, et à la charcuterie

21 terms By Meadows_French Teacher

French Food Set: fruit

30 terms By karissalucas

French Food (La Nourriture)

48 terms By atkinsonRPEMS

Les fruits, les baies et les légumes

41 terms By madamehagen

French - Foods: Fruit & Nuts: Masc/Fem Practice

67 terms By HensonGrace

French - food - fruit&veg✔️

26 terms By bethhaifh

FINAL 1ST SEMESTER Fruits (Les Fruits)

23 terms By chrroche Teacher

Les Fruits, Les Legumes, et Les Couleurs

32 terms By Aly_G24

MIV French food

31 terms By MWenham

French Food (Fruits + Vegies)

40 terms By James_Gardner3

French foods fruits and vegetables

30 terms By Cwinchenbach

French Food (Fruits, Vegetables & Dairy)

28 terms By 096927c

French food 2

16 terms By magictarantula

Les Fruits, Les Légumes, La Viande

65 terms By LeeMurray97

Unité 1 - nature - Les fruits - Les fruits

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fruits - les fruits

23 terms By lillypop54321