Funny Spanish Words

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funny stems (all Spanish)

By amblongg
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small funny spanish words

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Spanish 2: Funny stem verbs.

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Funny things/ come backs in Spanish

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spanish words + funny gifs to help remember

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Some Funny But Mean Sentences In Spanish!! By: Senior Elian

By Elian_Sagala7
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Spanish Vocab Ch 1(funny-calm)

By Annie_Brunner
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Honors Spanish 3: "Funny Stems" Irregular Preterite Verbs

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By SarahBeasley
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preguntas 2 answers 2 spanish 2 wow i'm SUPER funny!!

By elladeutchman
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Funny Yo Forms (meanings)

By Chelci_RichardsonTEACHER
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Funny Yo forms (yo forms only)

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Funny Preterite Verbs from 4-2

By senorfosterTEACHER
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Chapter 4 Funny

By Claire_Bylsma
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Funny Poem Vocabulary

By areitmann
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L4 - Funny Stem Verbs in the Preterite

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Spanish Adjectives

By bfaubionTEACHER
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Spanish Adjectives

By phjhspanishTEACHER
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Describing words in Spanish

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spanish set 1

By Michelle_Wooten8
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Spanish 1 Chapter 1 Vocabulary Describing a person

By Karla_Galicia4TEACHER
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Spanish 1 Review

By Maestra_Bernard
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Vocabulario Repaso A, Spanish 2

By janvazquez
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By SenoraSeisTEACHER
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#12 Spanish Adjectives

By mrsbernardTEACHER
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Spanish Descriptions

By rintelsparker
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OER Spanish 121 - Lesson 5 - Adjetivos

By connie_sandersTEACHER
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Spanish Adjectives - describing personality

By Ogeagea
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WHS Spanish 1 Ch 1 w/Photos

By cawils03TEACHER
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Spanish 1 vocab 1-2

By Michelle_Kelly4TEACHER
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Spanish 1B, Para empezar, desafio 2

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Mendoza - Spanish 1 - Unit 1 Lesson 2 - Vocabulary

By SracmendozaTEACHER
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Spanish II Vocab page 25

By Thurmdog
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Spanish 2 -- "Los amigos y la familia"

By tcowham
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Chapter 2 Spanish Vocab

By Marylyman
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Spanish Movie Vocabulary

By Taylah19774
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(Spanish 1) 1.2

By jmerenuk
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Spanish adjectives

By bristoldemeterTEACHER
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Spanish Present Progressive Tense

By pkrogers
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Spanish 1: ASD Cap 1 Vocab

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Spanish Adjectives (Review and Expansion)

By abenavid
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Spanish Descriptions 1

By Hansencatherine
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Karraker Spanish I descriptive adjectives

By ckarraker
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Spanish adjectives

By Lauren_Jurd
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Spanish 2 Voc. Adjectives

By magdareid
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Isabela Alameda & Olivia Gaetz, Spanish 2, 6.3 vocabulary

By PortertravisTEACHER
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Spanish 1Unit 2 Vocabulary

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funny stems

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Spanish adjectives

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