U8 French Verbs - Irregular Future Simple

90 terms By abosch Teacher

U8 French Verbs - Regular Future Simple

34 terms By abosch Teacher

French Verb Quiz - Futur Simple

470 terms By abosch Teacher

French 2 ir verbs present past future

32 terms By juliegaffney Teacher

Irregular verbs in the future-french 2

21 terms By Kiersten70

le futur French 4-5

20 terms By cserbeniuc Teacher

Bien Dit French 2 Chapter 7--Irregular Future Stems

11 terms By MmeSraElliott Teacher

Future Stems (intermediate to advanced)

34 terms By Meadows_French Teacher

French Future Simple Irregulars

22 terms By joannaluft

Le Futur

30 terms By BigCaseyDog

Exception verbs: infinitive-future - French 2

14 terms By simone_miller

Chapter 7.2 : Irregular Future Stems

9 terms By MadameMeunier Teacher

Chapter 7.2 : Le future - Conjugation Practice

11 terms By MadameMeunier Teacher

futur (proche > simple)

37 terms By lhebert Teacher

future stems part 1

8 terms By leprofnc Teacher

Future Endings

6 terms By john711

French irregular Future stems

14 terms By meglearns

Futur Simple

18 terms By StefanTheGreatest

Français - Le futur (French future tense)

139 terms By mmesusansmith Teacher

Français - Le futur (French future tense)

139 terms By shnib

French 2: Future/Conditional

30 terms By elyhlapetina

French 2 future irregular practice

23 terms By edwilly

French 2 Verbs (Futur)

40 terms By appellemoidanielle

French 2 Future

26 terms By mmewagner

French 2 Allez, viens Chapitre 11.1AA (Inquiring about and sharing future plans: expressing indecisi…

12 terms By rlcarrillo Teacher

Future tense French 2 ch 6

24 terms By zoebaloney

French 2 ch 6 future practice

36 terms By edwilly

Irregular future French verbs

90 terms By xewrch

RHS French 2 DO/IO present and future

21 terms By sambury

Future french conjugations

24 terms By sophia_buzanis

Futur - French Grammar

25 terms By emilyelizabeth1197

Future Simple Tense

42 terms By reinhartz_2013

French 2 Chapter 9 - le futur

24 terms By christianajoy1

French 2 Future Verbs

13 terms By rebelDraconis

French 2 Allez, viens Chapitre 10.AA (Inquiring about and sharing future plans; expressing indecisio…

10 terms By rlcarrillo Teacher

irregular future (French)

15 terms By briggslcp

Le Futur-les racines irrégulières

22 terms By DESOkid

common irreg futur verbs - translation

16 terms By ashankar

French 2--Future Tense in French--Futur Proche

8 terms By MadameMurray

Present/past/future french

6 terms By amacleanmfl Teacher

Future of Irregular Verbs

74 terms By oliviapecora

French 2 Chapter 9 extra futur verb practice

24 terms By christianajoy1

Français 2 - 4/27-5/1 -Le futur simple

22 terms By madamegreve

French 2 Honors: Simple Future Tense

31 terms By julesk1998

Future French vocab

24 terms By ezekielj

French 2: Module 2: Leçon 1: Futur Proche Practice

11 terms By MmeRollefson

Future Simple Tense

42 terms By reinhartz_2013

Future French Exceptions

12 terms By JonathanG2R

Le Future- French Future Tense

32 terms By m_nolan16

Irregular Future French Verbs

14 terms By denacapparelli