U8 French Verbs - Irregular Future Simple

90 terms By abosch Teacher

French Verb Quiz - Futur Simple

470 terms By abosch Teacher

French Verb Quiz - Futur Antérieur

583 terms By abosch Teacher

FUTUR - Verbes irréguliers

26 terms By Valeyran Teacher

French Future Simple Irregulars

14 terms By mmesusansmith Teacher

Irregular Futur Verbs - French

16 terms By annasayssmile

Irregular future verbs

12 terms By madamemund Teacher

le futur French 4-5

20 terms By cserbeniuc Teacher

Irregular Future Verb - French

57 terms By DanBaker1802

Future verb exceptions (French 4)

17 terms By monielove98

French future tense verb roots

30 terms By trent

Français - Le futur (French future tense)

139 terms By mmesusansmith Teacher

Le Futur Simple

17 terms By Deb_Wendt Teacher

Irregular futur verbs French III

17 terms By cat-spencer

Fr 4 Le futur simple: les radicaux irreguliers-les formes "je"

31 terms By scrannell Teacher

French Futur Verb Stems: irregular

15 terms By RebeccaLGrow

Future verbs- french

16 terms By jdicarlo24

Irregular future verbs- french

18 terms By sbaroo12

Future Verbs French

26 terms By graceprit

Irregular Future Verbs French

11 terms By assesslet

Future Verbs (french)

14 terms By Ospray

Faire au futur

15 terms By bookwrm209 Teacher

Irregular Future Verbs (French)

16 terms By snesbitt

Le Futur Simple: -RE verbs

27 terms By missagnes

Set15_that's how, present and future verbs, promise

13 terms By SLSKyrgyz Teacher

CEHS French 4 Le futur

9 terms By dpeary Teacher

French Future Verbs

36 terms By ankrause

Futur Simple

20 terms By nbar

Français - Le futur (French future tense)

139 terms By shnib

CEHS French 4 Irregular Future Stems

22 terms By dpeary Teacher

Irregular Future Verbs French

9 terms By littlesongbird1920

French 4-5 le futur 2

18 terms By cserbeniuc Teacher

Future verbs (French)

9 terms By wkopelman6

Irregular Conditional and Futur Verbs

15 terms By AlexanderCameron

French 4 - Irregular Future Tense Verbs

15 terms By kevinlouer

French Future Verbs

16 terms By Zaffy

Le futur : verbes irréguliers

50 terms By agneswaller

Irregular Stems in the future and conditional

13 terms By Deb_Wendt Teacher

French Future Verbs

17 terms By ankrause

French Future Verbs

41 terms By blandcmercy

French Irregular Future Verbs

19 terms By jack_winkelman

Leçon 3 Le futur antérieur

90 terms By fournierm

Future of Irregular verbs - French II

9 terms By cayerchem Teacher

French - pg.107 Future verbs

23 terms By key9060

Futur irregular verbs French

19 terms By averyf527

French Future Simple Irregulars

14 terms By MaeveM66

Future Verbs

42 terms By Aflaharty

French Irregular Future Verbs

20 terms By jcwagner

Futur Verbes Irréguliers

36 terms By lauren_dickinson

FR II - Irregular Future Tense Verbs (French)

18 terms By lucylholmes Teacher