FUTUR - Verbes irréguliers

26 terms By Valeyran Teacher

French Verbs: Simple Future Roots

12 terms By duncan1117

Touché 2 simple French verbs Units 1 qnd 2

30 terms By sab1204 Teacher

Simple French Verbs

12 terms By MrsRossington Teacher

futur simple french verbs

39 terms By christiannac

Irregular future verbs

12 terms By madamemund Teacher

Futur Simple French Test

16 terms By tayrdio18

-er Verbs-Simple Set

13 terms By bookwrm209 Teacher

French Futur Verb Stems: irregular

15 terms By RebeccaLGrow

Le futur simple

30 terms By jeannine-pentz Teacher

U8 French Verbs - Irregular Future Simple

90 terms By abosch Teacher

Irregular Simple Future Verb Meanings

26 terms By kitandkoobodle

Irregular verbs for le futur simple french 9 5/17/15

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Les futur verbes irreguliere (et conditonel)

18 terms By megan_kellenberger

Future Simple French Verb Tense

11 terms By savannah15logan

Common ER Verbs Simple French

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U8 French Verbs - Regular Future Simple

34 terms By abosch Teacher

Irregular simple future verbs

12 terms By philetchells

Irregular verbs - Simple future stems

19 terms By lolaspinks

French Simple Future Verb Endings

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Irregular Simple Future verbs

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Reflexive Verbs Simple Future

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future simple French IV

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Future Simple french

19 terms By taytaymg

French irregular verbs simple futur

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Future Simple French

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Le futur simple- Irregular Stems

20 terms By jeannine-pentz Teacher

French Irregular Verbs - Simple Future

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future simple french irregular verbs

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Irregular verbs: future simple french

19 terms By lucyfreid

Le futur simple FRENCH

30 terms By reagansa

French Future Verbs

36 terms By ankrause

Futur simple (french)

21 terms By ljohnson177

1 Simple Future Verb Tense

16 terms By lizzieclaire

"Be" Verbs - Simple Present

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Set15_that's how, present and future verbs, promise

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irregular verbs (simple future)

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French Verb Quiz - Futur Simple

470 terms By abosch Teacher

The Futur Simple French irregular

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Futur Simple French in Action

21 terms By bcjordan

French Future Verbs

16 terms By Zaffy

Irregular Simple Future Verbs

24 terms By earczynski

Irregular Conditional and Futur Verbs

15 terms By AlexanderCameron

French Future Verbs

17 terms By ankrause

Irregular Simple Future Verbs

26 terms By vwalsh206

Irregular Simple Future Verbs

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Future Simple - French

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Irregular simple future verb stems

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French Future Verbs

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Simple French Future

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