Irish Gaelic (Gaeilge) numbers 1 - 10

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Irish Gaelic from Duolingo

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Gaelic Vocab: Lesson one

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Gaelic Phrases

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Gaeilge Aidiachtaí (Dathanna)

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Gaeilge Dobhriatha

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Gaelic/Irish Regular Words

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Spórt as Gaeilge

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Gaelic Vocabulary

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Gaelic Basic Terms

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Gaeilge Aidiachtaí (Méideanna)

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Cúrsa gaeilge sa Ghaelteacht

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Áiseanna sa cheantar

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Spórt agus caithimh aimsire

By Audrey_MooneyTEACHER
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Caitheamh Aimsirí

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Gaelic Phrases

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Spórt I

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Gaelic 101

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Séamus Heaney: tíortha

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Gaeilge -- Pastimes and University Subjects + more prop pronouns

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Irish Gaelic (Common)

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spórt (Kk)

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Aonad 7: Teangacha (Languages)

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spórt Aliyat

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IRISH languages

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Unit 7: Vocabulary

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Gaelic Simple Common Phrases

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Caitheamh Aimsire

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Caitheamh Aimsire

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Gaeilge Aidiachtaí (Cáilíochtaí)

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Caitheamh Aimsire

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Irish grammar

By Sarahonon
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Gaeilge Gan Stró! Aonad 13

By lynda_reynolds
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My House/Mo Theach - Learn Irish with Me 2C

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Saibhreas na Gaeilge - leathanach a trí déag

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