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Geo - English.

43 terms By AgataIkanowicz

terr, terra, geo = land; earth (2nd Semester)

11 terms By BetsyStout Teacher

Greek form GEO "Earth, soil, ground"

9 terms By tomburby Teacher

English from the Roots Up - Geo

15 terms By stewlew Teacher

Word List: terr, terra, geo = land; earth

10 terms By tjkrm Teacher

English Vocabulary 9 & 10 (Hyper, Hypo, Endo, Exo, Archy, Geo, Path)

67 terms By jmsalomon

Words with -archy, geo-, micro-, and patho-/-pathy

36 terms By Aaronarcade


25 terms By wseaton15


29 terms By s18sisper

Spanish English Geo

21 terms By lmcmanus01

Archy/Geo Vocab

22 terms By drumlineswag2015

ENglish Geo/Path Vocab

24 terms By JainaElisabeth

Aaron - Geo Ch. 4

31 terms By ahebert1


25 terms By vegag96

geo/path Vocabulary

25 terms By horselover37

terr, terra, geo=land; earth

10 terms By MissionIntrepid

English I Vocabulary: Archy, Geo, Path (Patho, Pathy), Morph, Peri

60 terms By Jacobee25

Endo/Exo, Anarchy, Geo, Path

52 terms By Spjkpatel


45 terms By TCP1995

vocabulary--archy, geo, path

31 terms By lillianduong

Human Geo

25 terms By teff_911

English vocabulary 62 Ielts Geo

63 terms By vanessahjw


25 terms By azsampar


13 terms By johnnymac8

English geo/pathy

24 terms By carlucce

archy geo path

33 terms By sswami125


46 terms By LizzieHammerberg


24 terms By pmadu

9/11 test for english and world geo -time line and facts

31 terms By abigailh0406

Archy, Geo Vocab Words

20 terms By Brett_Glover3

Vocabulary (hyper, hypo, endo, exo, archy, geo)

56 terms By emilyreese16

English vocab list 5 (ARCHY,GEO,PATH,MORPH,PERI)

22 terms By samueldrucker

archy, geo, path

24 terms By kellydriv

English ecology-geo roots

12 terms By bowshers


37 terms By Dhruvi101

terr, terra, geo

10 terms By Erick_Rodriguez4913

terr, terra, geo = land; earth

10 terms By Norshina_Markai

English 1 Vocabulary: Archy, Geo, Path, Morph, Peri

56 terms By Story007

English FS geo path

21 terms By simongerard

French Geo-culture (in English)

20 terms By Alison_Ferris

english vocab. (archy, geo)

21 terms By xxBrookexx

ap human geo unit 1

32 terms By tdawgswaggie

Spelling phon, geo

35 terms By rmcquiz

22-25 Greek "geo" "path" "morph" "peri"

41 terms By Dielle14


10 terms By Connor123123

words derived from Greek (Archy and Geo)

21 terms By Antlikesfootball


44 terms By Lizbaldwin

Sci geo

67 terms By cyrusmalakooti

Geo Final

86 terms By navekids
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