Accusative Pronouns (German2)

By maddienich
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German 2- Accusative Prepositions

By juliafreisinger
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German 2 Grammar: Accusative prepositions

By Rosella_RuggieroTEACHER
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German 2 Grammar: Kapitel 3B Accusative prepositions

By Frau_DeVriesTEACHER
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German 2 Accusative Prepositiona

By epolizotto
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German 2 Accusative

By RosieM1
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German Accusative Prepositions - PHRASES#2

By fraureigle
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German Test 2-Accusative

By 13gunthera
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Accusative Pronouns 2 (Englisch - German)

By sament01TEACHER
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German 2 Accusative Personal Pronouns

By nancydng
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German 2: Dative, Accusative, Genitive

By luke_is_a_penguinn
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German - Accusative case - Lesson2

By Sara8462
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German 2: Nominative, Accusative, Dative

By Benjamin_Shearer
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German: Accusative Case - Lesson 2

By natalie_bonilla76
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German ch. 2 - Accusative Verbs

By adunne13
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Accusative Pronouns 2 (Englisch - German)

By meittak
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(German 2) Accusative Personal Pronouns

By geode1214
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Katzensprung 2 - Accusative pronouns (German)

9 terms by MASTER-GEORGE

German Prepositions: categorize Accusative, Dative, 2-Way

23 terms by IMDFrauTEACHER

German 2 Final Accusative Preps

By logan_eaton
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German Accusative

By mjshilts
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German accusative

By Sughee
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German - Accusative Pronouns

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German accusative

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Accusative German

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German Accusative

By jake_farnsworth
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German: Accusative

By Ryan_Orr4
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German 2: Prepositions & Nominative and Accusative Pronouns

By emilybruce00
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German accusative

By mojo0543213
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German 1020 // 5A.2 Accusative Pronouns

By BaleighBales
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Honors German 2 Unit 5 Dative and Accusative

By Abby_Huang4
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German Accusative

By marcoholich
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German: Accusative case: Accusative pronouns

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German Accusative

By isaacthelyon
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German Accusative

By kenziewalters
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German Duolingo Accusative Case

By HNHSFrau2013
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German accusative

By alytinsley
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German Adjectives: Accusative

By eschwerdtfeg
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Duolingo German - Accusative Pronouns

By hklinguist
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German Grammar: Accusative prepositions

By Frau_DeVriesTEACHER
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Accusative German

By danielledo
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German 2 Honors Grammar: Prepositions taking accusative / dative

By Frau_DeVriesTEACHER
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Accusative Prepositions (GERMAN)

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Hon German 2 Dative and Accusative Pronouns

By Ring0C
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German 2 Honors Grammar: Personal pronouns in the accusative case

By Frau_DeVriesTEACHER
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Duolingo German 2 Accusative Case, Intro

By KathyMaPa
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Duolingo German - Accusative Pronouns 2 and Numbers 1

By JackLynnion
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German Accusative Personal Pronouns

By herrfunk
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