Die Freizeit- Free Time

By juliagmiller
30 terms by juliagmiller

Die Freizeit (leisure time)

By alec_lee_williams
9 terms by alec_lee_williams

Year 10 German die Freizeit

By sandm008
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Die Freizeit(The free time)

By Jael_C
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Die Freizeit (The free time)

By nathaniel_gerhart
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Die Freizeit(The free time)

By Jael_C
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German Freizeit - Leisure Time

By James_Yanik
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German - Freizeit - Free time

By HSoni14
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Freizeit (German free time)

By AmrithaMURALI14
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Year 10 German die Freizeit

By MillieBrown15
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Unit 10 Leisure Time (Die Freizeit)

By Staple6
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German: Free time activities (Freizeit)

By Study4Schol
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German 1B Chapter 4 Die Freizeit (Freetime)

By kwedredcoat
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German 2A Chapter 3 Die Freizeit (Freetime)

By kwedredcoat
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German- Time (Die Uhrzeiten)

By Tammilie
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Time in German (Die Uhrzeiten)

By Tammilie
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Unit 10: Die Freizeit (Leisure Time)

By ninabutrym
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Die Freizeit - Describing your free time activities

By Emma_Sun1
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Freizeit- German free time 2

By AmrithaMURALI14
15 terms by AmrithaMURALI14

Kapitel 9; die Freizeit (free time)

By Pat_daddy1
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German- Time (Die Uhrzeiten)

49 terms by UHR00D

Keystone German 1/Vocabulary: Die Freizeit

By Chalamapuda
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Middlebury German II - Unit 10: Die Freizeit

By Scamara15
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Chapter 1 German Freizeit (leisure Time)

By KingSquatch
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German Chapter 1 - Freizeit (free time)

By ColemanSTL
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Die Uhr - Telling Time (German)

By MadamePanellaTEACHER
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die Uhrzeit / die Zeit: time in German

By frau_tsai
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Y7 German Logo 1.4 die Freizeit

By Helen1234567
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Die Uhr - Telling Time (German)

By rward155
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German III | Freizeit: Was ist los? | Free Time

By jfissel
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German Midterm: Die Urhzeit (Time)

By horselover042601
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Die Uhr - Telling Time (German)

By theradbrad17
21 terms by theradbrad17

Freizeit und Medien / free-time and media (AQA GCSE German)

By RealLongwayround
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German Vocab: Die Uhrzeit (The time)

By Mathumai07
8 terms by Mathumai07

German I - Freizeit und Orte (Leisure Time and Places)

By pavanchary
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7DG, German Kapitel 4 - Die Zeit - Time

By the_wingheiho
8 terms by the_wingheiho

German Unit 1 Die Uhrzeit/ Time

By Jaydon2002
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German 1 Lesson 9 die Zeit telling time

By svhschinese
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Ja genau ! B1 Band 1 - Über das Lernen

By Freizeit
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By Marie-Line7
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Die Freizeit

By mrscounsell
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die Freizeit

By Elissa_Bennett
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Freizeit - Free time activities

By louisegibb
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die Freizeit

By quizlette6727455
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Freizeit Unit 2

By kldeane
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By sjbode
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German: Kapitel 6: Lust auf Freizeit (nouns)

By Frau_DeVriesTEACHER
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D1 T2 die Freizeit

23 terms by HerrReimertLCPSTEACHER