German 1 - English-German Vocabulary

53 terms by HKAPA_Euro_LangsTEACHER

German and English

By Marie1717
20 terms by Marie1717

German-English cognates (Germanic)

By HerrDominick
50 terms by HerrDominick

german english

By sjpoole317
19 terms by sjpoole317

german english

By jam4freezTEACHER
19 terms by jam4freezTEACHER

German Sein German-English

By just20pcheaper
10 terms by just20pcheaper

German and English

By sjpoole317
20 terms by sjpoole317

German and English

By just20pcheaper
20 terms by just20pcheaper

German - English

By quizlette128706
28 terms by quizlette128706

English-German vocabulary

By erdisayar
20 terms by erdisayar

Die Hausarbeit - English/German

By fraubuitragoTEACHER
20 terms by fraubuitragoTEACHER

German to English

By Elphaba24601
23 terms by Elphaba24601


By turek38
30 terms by turek38

English to German

By shannon_dolan7TEACHER
21 terms by shannon_dolan7TEACHER

German Verbs (German-English)

By elizabeth_barber6
98 terms by elizabeth_barber6


By turek38
25 terms by turek38

German-English Weather/Seasons

By Immeta
91 terms by Immeta

English - German

By ZofiaW
16 terms by ZofiaW

English German

By Paul_GiliusTEACHER
181 terms by Paul_GiliusTEACHER

Commercial English (English/German)

141 terms by FHWien_CCforBETEACHER

verbs (English - German) - blue

By flosta9
20 terms by flosta9

English/German Unit 2

By btaber11
28 terms by btaber11

Irregular Verbs (English - German)

By Philipp_Steffen
82 terms by Philipp_Steffen

verbs (English - German) - red

By flosta9
18 terms by flosta9

English/German Unit 4

By btaber11
49 terms by btaber11

English/German Unit 6

By btaber11
32 terms by btaber11

English/German Unit 5

By btaber11
38 terms by btaber11

English/German Unit 1

By btaber11
32 terms by btaber11

English/German Unit 8

By btaber11
24 terms by btaber11

English/German Unit 7

By btaber11
55 terms by btaber11

English/German Unit 3

By btaber11
46 terms by btaber11

German words in the English language

By bditkeTEACHER
40 terms by bditkeTEACHER

German to English

By Joshua_Bowers21
41 terms by Joshua_Bowers21

English to German

By Elphaba24601
26 terms by Elphaba24601

English to German

By Ryland_Kimmel
25 terms by Ryland_Kimmel


By Ashton2410
20 terms by Ashton2410

Verbs - Modal (German/English)

By pegleinTEACHER
63 terms by pegleinTEACHER

German to English

By AshleyyAckad
11 terms by AshleyyAckad

English to German

By Lisa_Hiebl
9 terms by Lisa_Hiebl

Classroom objects German-English

By hotairballoon6317
21 terms by hotairballoon6317

German rules English-German

By katio131
10 terms by katio131

German Words not in English

30 terms by TalbooTEACHER

German (German to English)

By reggie1264
24 terms by reggie1264

Telling the Time (German-English)

By TheLanguageProfessorTEACHER
22 terms by TheLanguageProfessorTEACHER


By jigglypufismad
294 terms by jigglypufismad


By sam_dotson9
569 terms by sam_dotson9

German to English

By Daniel_Arroyo2
21 terms by Daniel_Arroyo2

German - English

By awesomeCalixta
10 terms by awesomeCalixta

German Final- English to German

By Alkener
793 terms by Alkener

English German

By leni_theresia
230 terms by leni_theresia