German Grammar - strong verbs - past participles

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G3: Past Perfect Sentences

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G3: Past Perfect Tense

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German Grammar Past Perfect

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A2 German Grammar- past participle

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German Grammar SIMPLE PAST

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German GRAMMAR Past Participle

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German Grammar/Verbs past Tense

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German GRAMMAR Past Participle

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German Past Participles

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Present Perfect or Past Simple? (easy)

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Past Tense (Perfect Tense)

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Past Participles III

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Past participles

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Past Indicatives III

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Past Indicatives II

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Irregular Past Participles

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Past Indicatives V

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2.7 Grammar Past participle

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Past tense strong verbs

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Past Participles V

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G3: dass, weil, ob

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German Verb Participles

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German past forms verbs a-b

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German Verbs: Past Perfect

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Grammatik - The conversational past

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Past participle AS German

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Strong Verbs and Their Simple Past

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