Irregular Verbs (English - German)

By Philipp_Steffen
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English Irregular Verbs (German)

By Krausskopf
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Irregular Verbs (English - German)

By Profis100
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German Irregular Past participles

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German Irregular Verbs

By Alice_Elt
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Irregular german verbs

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German Irregular Verbs

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German irregular/strong verbs

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Irregular and mixed german verbs

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Irregular Verbs (German)

By Chaley_Klotz
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Irregular german verbs 1-15

By marythrelfall
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Y12 German - irregular past-participles - perfect tense part 2

By FrauSiddons
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Most used verbs in German ( Irregular verbs)

By Nikolay215
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Y12 German - irregular past participles - perfect tense part 1

By FrauSiddons
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Y12 German - irregular present tense verbs - 3rd person singular

By FrauSiddons
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German 1,2 Chapter 7 "Irregular verbs"

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German Irregular Past Tense Verb Forms

By Ghburri
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German Netzwerk A2.2 irregular verbs

By redruby69
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55 essential verbs in German - Present tense ONLY (with irregular conjugations)

By Frau_KnappTEACHER
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German 1 VERBS: Mixed type (regular/irregular) WITH PICTURES

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Irregular Past Tense Verbs (German 2)

By Kjum4987
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Irregular verbs in german, infinitive and past participle

By ismgondia
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Irregular verbs and Time phrases for the past - German

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AS-level German Irregular Verbs 2 - More which take 'Haben'

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German Irregular Verbs for AS - Ones which take 'Haben'

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AS-Level German Irregular Verbs 3 - More with 'Haben'

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AS-Level German Irregular Verbs - Ones which take 'Sein'

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AS-Level German Irregular Verbs 4 - More with 'Haben'

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Irregular German Verbs: Stem conjugations for Present (Präsens)

By MaddenSwan
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English Irregular Verbs 1: A-E (German-English)

By MartinSchmidt
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German 1 Chapter 11

By hem28
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Irregular Verbs - Conversational Past

By GlennAbbott
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Irregular Verbs - Kapitel 6

By Kristin_Young1TEACHER
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Irregular Verbs List 1

By Lar_Kavanagh
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Irregular Verbs (ab-an)

By Kristin_Young1TEACHER
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Irregular verbs 191-200

By gicajkcTEACHER
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Webkids 2 Irregular verbs part 1

By stavroti
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Present Perfect Tense Irregular Verbs

By mthellmann
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irregular verbs: sehen lesen fahren

By FrauSiddons
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Chapter 2 - Irregular verbs - Definitions

By FrauHouse
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German 1/2: WEEK 8 vocabulary

By wlaymanTEACHER
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Irregular verbs

By CB19466
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Irregular Verbs (auf Deutsch) haben und sein

By FergusonGermanTEACHER
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Webkids 2 Irregular verbs part 1

By EffieZ
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Int 4 Verbs Irregular (CARDS)

By George110765TEACHER
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Perfekt: Irregular Past Participles (ge-words) Using "Haben"

By Amy_Healy
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Irregular verbs in the Present Perfect Tense

29 terms by gundiTEACHER

Common irregular past participles

By angelsunil2a3
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Chapter 9—Dative Case and More Irregular Past Tense

By pjkaveney85
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