german h4

By Emma_Delhanty
120 terms by Emma_Delhanty

German 4-H Verblist 4

By AlexKrasowski
39 terms by AlexKrasowski

German 4 (H) set 1

By Samuel_Sweeney4
55 terms by Samuel_Sweeney4

German 4 H SPUR vocab

By natalyaambrose
168 terms by natalyaambrose

German vocabulary (h), pg. 4

By redtitan23
24 terms by redtitan23

Section 1 German 4 H

By ymssoccerkid17
48 terms by ymssoccerkid17


By liz_nel
15 terms by liz_nel

German h.4 N-D

By xfelinex
106 terms by xfelinex

23/4 German H/W

By jack_greenwood2
12 terms by jack_greenwood2

german JI, JII h4

By meredith_snijders
24 terms by meredith_snijders

German 4 H Spring Exam

By kelhindman15
57 terms by kelhindman15

Justin H German Vocab 8-4 Via

By Justin_Hester
11 terms by Justin_Hester

German 4-H Verb list 5

By AlexKrasowski
36 terms by AlexKrasowski

Justin H German Via 7-4

By Justin_Hester
15 terms by Justin_Hester

Vocab 3 German 3/4 H

By eshearer135j
65 terms by eshearer135j

German 4 (H) Set 2 (die Musik)

By Samuel_Sweeney4
43 terms by Samuel_Sweeney4

German 3/4 HoH 8 Vokabeln

By nrnr97
17 terms by nrnr97

AQA German Higher 4.1 F and H

By WhatAPanda
40 terms by WhatAPanda

German - H

By afeistritzer
41 terms by afeistritzer

German IV H Verb Set 4

By thomas_wick5
14 terms by thomas_wick5

German to English H/W Part 4

By catharinamanase
12 terms by catharinamanase

German H

By kjes4168
21 terms by kjes4168

German- H

By ksivertsonn
31 terms by ksivertsonn

German H

By Connor_Luckett
21 terms by Connor_Luckett

Horse 4-H Breeds

By Horse4HMom
33 terms by Horse4HMom

German H listening

By Dom_Collier_
81 terms by Dom_Collier_

German H Reading Vocab

By Dom_Collier_
133 terms by Dom_Collier_

H.4 H

By scrj
8 terms by scrj

Horse 4-H Feedstuffs

By Horse4HMom
19 terms by Horse4HMom

Edexcel German Lifestyle H

By MrsDoering
60 terms by MrsDoering

Horse 4-H Plants

By Horse4HMom
39 terms by Horse4HMom

Horse 4-H Skeleton

By Horse4HMom
38 terms by Horse4HMom

German 4, "Tisch" vocab

By HerrClogg
26 terms by HerrClogg

Horse 4-H Conformation

By Horse4HMom
20 terms by Horse4HMom

H7 Boniface and the Germans

By MasterMuellerTEACHER
12 terms by MasterMuellerTEACHER

H-German 2

By hackerman2
96 terms by hackerman2

AP German Vocabulary H-T

By tinamovick
144 terms by tinamovick

German #4

By tedi26
28 terms by tedi26

Weather (German) H+

By Greenfrau
58 terms by Greenfrau

german 3-H

By BrittanyCRagsdale
35 terms by BrittanyCRagsdale

1 German lernliste h

By Yasmin_vR
9 terms by Yasmin_vR

German Verbs - H

By rasnikawasan
9 terms by rasnikawasan

4-H Dogs Sporting Group

By amotz709
16 terms by amotz709

Environment F+H (german)

By geeklea
38 terms by geeklea

German Vocab H&I

By Molly_Mahon2907
13 terms by Molly_Mahon2907

GERMAN 1 H. Numbers

By MDoron5
105 terms by MDoron5

German Words H10

By romeedorgelo
32 terms by romeedorgelo

German - G/H

By em-pem-2000
226 terms by em-pem-2000

German H7

By cmrntwgg
40 terms by cmrntwgg

Health F+H (german)

By geeklea
200 terms by geeklea