Wetter -German only

26 terms By Kopaz_Lynne Teacher

Rattenfange english and german only

27 terms By snowluck2345

Europa (German Only)

31 terms By tanya_ajalli1

Alphabet German only

29 terms By todonnellzf Teacher

ABRSM Theory Terms 5 German Only

26 terms By Michael_Xiang

German only

12 terms By Angel1Fox

Definitions Zweite Stuffe - german only

22 terms By karasteele668

german - only certain

14 terms By mes819

German 'To Be' Verbs - German Only

6 terms By Rae_the_Latin_Ninja

haben German only conjugation

9 terms By Susan_Reinhardt

Dative preposition practice (German only)

10 terms By Susan_Reinhardt

Weihnachten in Deutschland - words only

31 terms By rosgreen Teacher

German Pronunciation Examples from Alphabet Handout

81 terms By todonnellzf Teacher

Kleidung - words only

25 terms By rosgreen Teacher

(VET) German vocab for family

13 terms By Ahnungslos Teacher

Unit 1 Sek B Genders and German - L2

33 terms By fraueverson Teacher

Deu1 Stundenplan school subjects only

35 terms By FrauA1 Teacher

German Nouns around the house

90 terms By AdiMazumdar

Meine Familie - words only

28 terms By rosgreen Teacher

German Adjective Endings

32 terms By HerrSpencer

Hobbies (Words Only- No Sentences)

29 terms By frau_jago Teacher

Basic German words (only pictures)

9 terms By Johannes_M1

German - Top 50 Verbs

50 terms By leonardodm

German Prepositions

26 terms By HerrSpencer

German Alphabet - in order

26 terms By FrauWaltner Teacher

22-German: B-C Verb Lists - Present Tense - elkwv

24 terms By mrmartin-elkwv Teacher

German 1 Practice exam phrases, vocab.

43 terms By mrreierstad Teacher

Edexcel GCSE German The Weather

27 terms By Abiramy1997


10 terms By book2010 Teacher


10 terms By book2010 Teacher

German Jobs

44 terms By CA5137

Greetings in German

18 terms By MagdaKupczak Teacher

Deu1 Stundenplan time phrases only

30 terms By FrauA1 Teacher

German verbs - Present tense (1 of 3)

100 terms By DaneyPayne

The Human Body (German/French)

78 terms By gilcobsladder